POLL: 58% of Americans Support Freedom To Marry, 64% Want Issue Decided Federally

marriage equalityA new poll from ABC News/Washington Post shows 58% of American voter support of allowing same-sex couples to legally marry, with only 36% opposed.

Pollsters also asked “Do you think each state should make its own law on whether same-sex marriage is legal or illegal there, or do you think this should be decided for all states on the basis of the U.S. Constitution?”

In all, 64% of respondents said the issue should be decided nationwide—only 33% want it piecemeal, no matter what the President and other politicians say.

“This latest poll underscores America’s dramatic and stunning embrace of the freedom to marry, and says to decision-makers—lawmakers, judges, and even justices—that it is time to end marriage discrimination,” remarked Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to Marry. “With a super-majority of Americans now supporting the freedom to marry, and majority support in nearly every segment of the public, the freedom to marry’s time has, indeed, come.”

Here’s how the breakdown for support for marriage equality looks:

  • 72% of Democrats
  • 62 % of independents
  • 71% of moderates
  • 81% of those under age 30
  • 70% of non-evangelical white Protestants
  • 59% of Catholics
  • 61% of non-whites

The survey also asked respondents whether they thought being gay was a choice or innate, and only 24% of Americans believe homosexuality as “something people choose to be.”

Check out the full results here.