Poll: 60% Of Latinos Support Gay Marriage, But One In Ten Don’t Want A Gay Kid

A new study released by NBC Latino/IBOPE Zogby indicates that 60% of Latinos said they support same-sex marriage, a higher percentage than the national average.In contrast, 38% said they were opposed to it.

Asked the question “Do you agree with the right of same-sex couples to get married,”  48% responded that they “strongly agree” with legalizing gay marriage, while 12% said they “somewhat agree.” On the flipside, 31% “strongly disagree” and 7% “somewhat disagree.”

That’s an important distinction in an subject like marriage equality, where the difference between supporting it in theory and feeling strongly enough about it to back gay-friendly ballot initiatives and politicians can make all the difference.

And while marriage-equality groups are dashing out press releases about the results, another aspect of the poll—taken by only 400 participants—is quite distressing: Asked what their biggest disappointment would be when it comes to their children, one in ten said having a gay child.

That’s compared to 5% who said a teen pregnancy would be their biggest shame. In comparison, 43% said it would be if their child became a drug addict and 33% who said it’d be if their kid went to prison.

Imagine if your gay bambino went to San Quentin for dealing meth?