POLL: 71% Of Local Tory Leaders Want David Cameron To Drop Gay Marriage Plan

A new survey of Tory constituency chairmen finds that 71% want Prime Minister David Cameron to abandon his plan to enact same-sex marriage by 2015, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

The survey, a poll of 100 grassroots Conservative Party leaders by ComRes, was requested by the Coalition for Marriage, which opposes any alteration to current laws.

In it, 3% of  the chairs say they’ve gained members over Cameron’s stand, while nearly half report their numbers have dwindled because of it.

Some 73% say marriage equality should not be a priority when the government is facing spending cuts in education, welfare and health. In contrast, 11% agreed with Cameron that it should be addressed now. And overall, 71% of chairmen believe their party members oppose the government’s plan, including 47% who believe members “strongly” object to it.Newly appointed Tory culture minister Maria Miller said, “the state should not stop two people undertaking civil marriage unless there are good reasons, and I believe being gay is not one of them.”

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