POLL: Grindr Survey Shows Users Care More About Economy Than Equality

Grindr’s political arm, Grindr for Equality, just released the results of its recent election poll, and there are some interesting (though not necessarily heartening) results.

It turns out guys who use the popular hook-up app—whether Democrat or Republican—are more concerned with the economy and job creation (46%), than with LGBT rights (29%) or healthcare (11%). The gap for GOP gays is a virtual chasm, with a 65% disparity between interest in economy and equality.

That doesn’t necessarily mean gay Republicans are heartless or self-defeating, though: Some would say the only way to get real equality is with economic power. Plus, if you’re unemployed  it doesn’t really matter that your partner can get healthcare from your nonexistent job.

Approximately 8,200 Grindr users were surveyed: 60% identified as Democrats, 22% as Independents, 14% as Republicans and 4% as Libertarians.

Out of those users polled, 18% plan on voting for the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket, compared to 76% for Obama-Biden. Sadly, a full quarter of  respondents supporting Romney-Ryan are from swing states, such as Florida, Ohio and New Hampshire.

On Tuesday, Grindr for Equality will be holding a Election Night viewing party from 5pm to 10pm at Eleven Nightclub in Los Angeles.

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  • Reality101

    Wait…hold up…………..why do we have to care about one over the other? It’s humanely impossible to equally be passionate about both?

  • USC Trojans Fan

    Lame! All these “how important is gay rights in terms of ranking” kind of surveys all have hints of homophobia to them, IMO. It almost sets the poller up to garner a specific answer, and if the polled individual doesn’t have enough critical thinking skills about them, they really do feel they have to choose one issue over the other. I honestly think even posing this question says to me the survey is slanted against gay community.

    “Rank these: economy, latinos not being able to vote, environment issues, education reform”

    Why should I? All of them are vital. To even pin them against each other is counter productive for progress.

  • USC Trojans Fan

    Gays who subjected themselves to this poll (which I wouldn’t have)
    let’s fill you in on a little something; the government is capable of doing more than one thing at a time. I’d take it a step further and say the government has a mandated duty to do more things than one at a time. A good government can and has for many centuries done many a good things all at once. To have to choose one thing at a time, or pick one worthy cause to champion at a time is basically the destruction of any good and noble society. Regardless of what any hit generating survey says, you don’t have to choose one issue to care about more so than others. A model citizen devotes themselves to many worth while issues at once, and hopes their elected officials do as well.

  • Scott Johansen

    Were Chicanos asked to choose what meant more to them during their plight. Womens rights. Black civil rights. If they were, it’s insulting to said demographics. That some gay people think they need to rank their equality vs. other pressing concerns is sad. From my personal, and vast experience with gay men who approach me and say “well, I mean, gay rights really aren’t THAT important. There’s other more important things” I can assure you, when you sit these people down, deep down they have some serious resentment toward the gay community, and sometimes even being gay. Most rational people realize that I can care greatly about the poor, and job market, and economy, and natural disasters, and victims of natural disasters, and corruption, and animal abuse, and and and………….Oh, the equal and fair treatment of millions of tax paying LGBT denied over thousands of gov benefits simply for inherently being who they are. What a shocker.

  • 2eo

    @USC Trojans Fan: Agreed, they are nothing but loaded questions. Forcing the polled to choose between issues instead of using the whole platform.

    Given the good jobs news and right wing economists abandoning Romney at one corporation a day it’s safe to say that hopefully Obama has it in the bag.

  • the other Greg

    Is this one really so hard to figure out? Grindr users aren’t superficial (well, not necessarily), they just tend to be young. Why should a guy in his 20s care “passionately” about marriage as a purely theoretical concept? Most of them have probably never even met any long-time gay couples. Of course they care more about jobs; they probably have to negotiate around roommates just to have some Grindr sex time in their crowded apartments. This doesn’t make them Republicans, as the statistics you quote clearly show.

  • jay_gee10

    Oh yea because the gays that use Grindr are really concerned about potentially marrying one of their hookups. Their opinion on LGBT rights, especially marriage equality, is wholly irrelevant.

  • JAW

    May Gays and Lesbians that I know are more concerned about getting a good job, then losing the job that they have (or can’t get)

    Let’s face it… If your boss finds out that you are GLBT, she will find another reason to fire you. Very few people are the perfect employee (some of us think we are), so it is easy to write you up and terminate you. Plus if you work in a “right to work state” they do not even need a reason to fire you.

    The question asked what your #1 issue is… for me it is getting a job… I would vote for the person either local or national that will get jobs going.

    as an FYI… I am voting for Obama…

  • BJ McFrisky

    Newsflash, folks: We are equal. Those of us who believe we aren’t are only fueling the idea of gays being second-class citizens.

  • Red Meat

    1. Most grindr users are old men on the DL, and young boys who don’t know much about anything.

    2. Why would anyone in a slutty hookup app be looking to get married?

  • jay_gee10

    @Red Meat: my point exactly.

  • Katbox

    Um… in some states they are actually allowed to openly discriminate against homosexuals.
    Republicans have done all they can to keep them out of non-discrimination policies.
    So if you’re voting republican hoping they’ll create new jobs and if, like all the republicans before them…, keep their promise then chances are you won’t even be given the opportunity to obtain one of these jobs.
    Pubs only care about one thing and one thing only…tax cuts for the rich.

  • Guillermo3

    @2eo: 2eo,I wish you were right
    about the the election,but sadly,the polls show a 47%/$7% split
    between Obama supporters and Fascist supporters.As the saying is:
    No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence
    of the American public.

  • Fitz

    First off: I am not against sex, cruising, or even sports fucking. Nonexistent-lord knows, I did my share in my day….

    But if your sample population is people on Grinder- the ultimate in super market sex shopping, then you can’t expect pro-social answers.

  • the other Greg

    The single-issue marriage fanatics seem to think the only way to succeed on the issue is to bamboozle the straight public into believing that marriage is the ONE issue all gay people everywhere care about, with equally red-hot laser-beam intensity! This of course is ridiculous, and impossible.

    It’s debatable how well this “Potemkin village” strategy has worked with the straights – look at the results so far and decide what you think – but lately the marriage fanatics have come to believe their own propaganda. Now they’re horrified anytime they encounter a few stray gay people somewhere who aren’t particularly excited about marriage. (“My god, what will the straights think! They’ll vote against marriage! Eeeek!”)

    Oh the horror… all those young, horny, slutty guys out there having (gasp) sex. It was bad enough when the Gay Church Ladies pretended this was “about” HIV, which is a problem of barebacking specifically, not casual sex per se. But lately they go a step further by pretending the kids are somehow hurting marriage equality simply by… um… having fun and not being particularly concerned with marriage, YET. Micro-managing other people’s sex lives is a lot of work and usually futile, whoever tries it, whether it’s the Christian Taliban or the gay c*cktail party establishment.

    To @JAW: and @Katbox: No surprise that this survey didn’t even mention ENDA. Queerty hardly ever mentions it either!

  • bloggot

    Are you kidding me? The idiots that use Grindr are the most cowardly, pathetic individuals that do not reflect the LGTB community. Most users are “STRAIGHT-ACTING”, “MASC ONLY”, “NO FEMS”,”STRAIGHT-BUT LOOKING” morons that want to get off to either their long lost high school straight boy fantasies or they are “straight guys” that are beginning to explore their homosexuality. These “straight guys” treat many of us gays, androgynous men, and transgendered mtw horribly and are starting to take away our VOICE on our own turf. They reject all things feminine, demand that we be masculine to get their attention, NOT JUST IN SEX! And for all the idiots that are gay and allow them to suck the tit dry, WAKE UP! They just took our vote lol

  • NotStr8Acting

    It’s things like this that make it perfectly clear why we have elected officials in office who are allowed to sustain their position, and still compare gays to monsters/pedophiles/and beastiality. Some members of our community are so complacent and comfortable with being treated as second class citizens that they’ve become accustomed to it. Almost willingly accepting it.

    Were a few months away from 2013. NEWSFLASH to ignorant LGBT: You DON’T have to choose between a candidate who will help the economy, or one who is for gay rights. Be it locally, or nationally, there’s very often a candidate who is BOTH embracing of our community and extremely qualified in other economic aspects. That’s who you should be voting for. NOT saying “well, it’s gotta be either my rights or a good economy” says who? The homophobe brain washed you into thinking that. Congrats, they won. And it’s that exact lazy kind of approach, where you feel you must sacrifice your equal rights and the equal rights of MILLIONS of gays, lesbians, transexuals, and bisexuals that halts our progress. Just facilitating the hate mongers, one gay vote at a time.

  • NotStr8Acting

    @the other Greg: Gay rights are not and have never been a piece of pie with limited slices to choose from and indulge in. We can and should be concerned about all pressing issues concerning gay citizens…and if you do your research, we are. There’s literally thousands upon thousands of organizations devoted to ENDA, housing discrimination for LGBT, and many other brackets of discrimination LGBT face. With thousands of lawyers, volunteers, and loyal spokespersons who speak out on a constant basis about those exact issues, in very specific manners. That you want to pin one gay issue against another, while criticizing many gay couples who are *entitled*….yes, entitled to the same benefits of their straight counter parts. And tell those gay couples that they need to accept being taxed without representation (per say) is the epitome of homophobia. The thing with gays like yourself is that: it’s not so much that you don’t want to get “gay married” it’s that you sincerely resent others could, and that they passionately fight for it. It’s not enough for you to be indifferent on the issue, or not devote yourself to it. It’s that fringe gays like you actively want to combat the pro gay marriage side, in essence fighting against marriage equality. And don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.
    So really- the only difference between someone like you and a homophobic republican is that you openly sleep with men, and can’t fight that urge. All while in the same breath, telling other commited, loving, coupled up gays to stand in the back of the line. The merits, benefits, and tax breaks of their relationships are not important to you, so why should it be important to them?

    Homophobia isn’t just the act of beating the $%#! out of gay people. It’s a disdain for seeing LGBT community progress and advance.

  • Reality101

    You are officially my new favorite poster on here. Amen across the board on everything you’ve said. I’ve encountered too many self loathing gays who truly feel that the gay community needs to pick and choose which rights are important and which rights they are worthy of. Said crowd usually are single, and the first fat to get trimmed is of course gay marriage. Why? well, they are single and don’t want to get married so why should anyone else. What’s noteworthy is, a huge majority of gay people fighting for marriage equality are single themselves. They aren’t the self serving type like the other Greg though. I usually put peeps like him right on ignore.

  • Scott Johansen

    @the other Greg: Hey, so remember when you approached the black community way back when, and ridiculed them for fighting heavily for marriage rights, and voting rights, and ownership rights, and employment discrimination, and wouldn’t dare question them on their passion and plight. Respected that they deserve to be the narrative. Oh, wait, you didn’t? You didn’t do that with womens sufferage, or Jews, or latinos either. You didn’t tell latinos that “immigration reform isn’t THAT important. get over it. other matters are more important to yo.”
    Ohhhh. I see. So your dictating of what rights gays should be granted is only limited to us gay people. Because we have to ‘wait our turn’ and ‘be patient’ and ‘keep obeying the big hetero master’ ey? I mean, we don’t dare ask for fair and equal treatment through & through (employment, housing, AND marriage) That’s just us asking for special rights and being demanding. We just need to mind our manners, say our “yes mame” and see which rights the big hetero master is going to grant us next. And whatever it may be, we BETTER say ‘thank you big hetero master’ right after.

  • the other Greg

    @NotStr8Acting: Your “argument” makes no sense.

    “Literally thousands upon thousands of organizations devoted to ENDA” etc.? Hardly. Where? Most of the laser-beam focus is on marriage. Most of the straight public has never even heard of ENDA. This by design of the relatively wealthy, gay c*cktail party activists of the past decade, who can’t imagine ever getting fired or not getting a job simply because of being gay, who focus on marriage to the exclusion of EVERY other gay issue.

    How am I or my longtime partner fighting “against” marriage equality by saying that? We’re not even “indifferent” to it; we simply donate to other causes. Marriage has enough wealthy fans. I might as well turn your argument around and say: “It’s not enough for you to be indifferent on [ENDA], or not devote yourself to it. It’s that fringe gays like you actively want to combat the pro job equality side, in essence fighting against job equality. And don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.” All the while telling single gay people to go broke and even homeless, because you only give a sh*t about those who are lucky enough to be “coupled up” (! – fuck you).

    This may come as a shock to you but you and I are not superior beings just because we are “coupled up.” That kind of language puts you in the same class as the Republican “family values” troglodytes who don’t give a sh*t about anyone who isn’t in one of the families they approve of.

    But my original point was more like – hey, if you want to waste your time going to war against Grindr users, or young horny gay guys in general, be my guest. :)

  • the other Greg

    @Reality101: “What’s noteworthy is, a huge majority of gay people fighting for marriage equality are single themselves.”

    And they’re relatively rich. If they want to spend their free time on marriage equality, that’s fine with me. But they shouldn’t believe their own propaganda and regard any gay person who’s not doing the exact same thing they are, as the enemy.

    @Scott Johansen: Dude, you must be really old. Apparently you were alive in the 19th century.

    So why aren’t you concerned about the right of gay people to NOT GET FIRED FROM A JOB FOR BEING GAY? Why is it ONLY about marriage?

  • Reality101

    @the other Greg: Aww angry bitter self hating gay man upset that gays are attaining marriage equality with vast support. We sure will. We’ll fight for it with every fiber of our being while homophobic gays like you try to stiffle that in miserable attempts. A huge portion of the LGBT community is beyond passionate about marriage equality, lol I’d love to see you try to convince them not to be. Only digging an early grave for yourself you fool, with all the stress it will cause you. Seeing how you are going off the handle, it’s clearly a big point of distress in your life. It just makes you so angry to see how much enthusiasm and momentum the gay marriage movement is getting, doesn’t it? The only thing that makes me more paralyzed in glee when talking about gains in marriage equality to a homophobe, is talking about it to a fellow gay who can’t stand that so much effort and fruition is coming toward gay marriage. I’m thinking the stress gay marriage causes you will be your demise in the near future, as gay marriage will be the law of the land in no time. Knowing that angers you makes it even more fulfilling.

  • USC Trojans Fan

    @the other Greg:
    Hmm. To have such deep rooted anger toward a very positive aspect in our movement, and thinly attempt to paint gay marriage as a negative to me speaks volumes about your own values. You claim that some in the gay community are self interests in just promoting gay marriage because that’s what affect them; but pot meet kettle, as clearly you’ve expressed your resources being invested in non marriage equality prospects, like ENDA. So you’re different, how exactly? Because you say what matters to you has to matter to us too, or else?

    It’s interesting to note that you almost never hear those for gay marriage speaking ill or dismissively about all other gay rights matters. You won’t hear someoen for gay marriage say employment for discriminating gay people is just not that worthy. I’ve been involved in the gay community for a number of years, be it activism or socially, and based on my many experiences, the pro gay marriage crowd in our camp cares about all gay rights matters. You’d never hear them speak ill on any gay rights matter, or those fighting for a specific gay rights issue. But gays who resent the gay marriage movement? they will all but come and say “gay marriage should be outlawed.” So who’s the true equality champion in our community? Those who may be more passionate about some variables more than others, but care about all our injustices. Or those who make a mockery out of people fighting for marriage equality, and resent the entire issue. And direct us to pick one cause over the other, as though it’s humanely impossible to fight for all gay rights across the charts.

    I agree with others. There’s clearly outlined homophobia in what you project. And I don’t care how openly gay you are, or how often you hold your long time partners hand in public. You are telling gay people what should matter to them, and mocking those who value the dignity of their relationship and achieving equal protection by the government they pay into. That is homophobic. Iron out your own issues before getting high & mighty with the gay community when our intentions are in the right place, and yours come from a calculating and discriminatory place.

  • NotStr8Acting

    @the other Greg: WTF? Wooooahhh. you’re really showing your ignorance toward gay marriage and gay marriage proponents. We’re all coupled up? we’re all old? we’re all rich? all we do is go to fancy parties? every gay marriage advocate is a rich, filthy wealthy, gainfully employed, partnered, old man? You are one sick puppy. I regret ever even engaging with such a vile homophobe like you. I actually appreciate openly out homophobes. But closet homophobes are a bore. You spew ignorance, blanket statements about my gay brothers and sisters, and generalize their objective for what is right. and don’t think for one second we don’t know your type. the divide and conquer type who like to make gay issues going against each other, subsequently making gay people turn on each other. that’s the oldest rule in the bigot handbook. You need help bozo.

  • the other Greg

    @Reality101: “I’d love to see you try to convince them not to be.”

    I’m not TRYING to convince them not to be! I think it’s great that they are; I merely noted that they’ve fallen for their own propaganda and just maybe, have been spinning their wheels a bit. I’ll reserve judgement on that until after the four marriage equality referenda on 11/6. Maybe one of those will be the first one out of 30+ to pass! I hope they all pass, but I bet if they all fail again your “solution” will be to blame all the gay people who just aren’t as excited about it as you are, and amp up the deranged harassment and name-calling. Yep, that should work since it’s always worked in the past. :)

    You’re the one who’s stressed out, seething with rage simply because not every gay person is as thrilled about it as you are.

  • Rockindad

    Regardless of the premise, Vote For Obama if your give a damn about the freakin’ ECONOMY. Republicans wreck it every time they get the chance -for their own corporate aristocratic benefit. (Check your 50 yr. history for deficit increase, needless subsidy spending, and tax increases: all records set by Republican administrations -ALL.)

  • Taliaferro

    @Reality101: Not only that, but not all members of the LGBT community are on or use Grindr. This is a tiny sampling and should not be taken as an indication of anything.

  • Scott Johansen

    @the other Greg: You resort to insults and hasty generalizations about every member of our community for cares about gay marriage. You insult them, name call, and call me old. If you weren’t resentful of advancements made by & for marriage equality, you wouldn’t stoop below respectful with hormonal insults directed toward those fighting on the same team as you. That’s precisely the point though. Those of us for all gay rights, including marriage equality aren’t on your team, because your motives are completely different than ours. This is clearly an issue that upsets you, no different than a Mike Huckabee. But because you’re gay, you feel entitled to insult gay marriage advocates just as he would.
    Instead of celebrating any and all progress made for the gay community, you reject aspects of our progress as self indulgent and further insult those who have a vested interest in them. That is not a member of the equality movement. That is a side show trying to distract us, create division, create drama in an otherwise galvanized movement that emphasizes all rights and respects for all LGBT.

    Your flawed intentions have been questioned and called out consistently above. It’s not our job to adopt your divisive tactics and fight amongst each other. Healthy minded gays know better than that, and have our eye on the ball. That ball is rolling and forces like you try to get it off track. As you can see from comments above, you’re just fueling the fire of gay rights/gay marriage advocates even more. Keep it up.

  • Reality101

    @the other Greg: I would venture to say 99.999% of gay people ARE thrilled about gay marriage. You clearly are not one of them and have expressed it, but I see some frustration in you that you clearly see so many gays devoted to gay marriage and you clearly are hurt by that. What we’re telling you is, good. Keep being hurt. You’ll continue to be hurt for years to come. We’ll fight to the death for marriage equality. State by state for decades to come. Follow us on November 6th. And you say that in such a sinsiter manner too. Like you hope to see it fail to prove a point. Guess what boo boo, if it fails, then we’ll try even harder, and have even MORE people ticked off about not getting 1,500 government benefits that straight couples get, but gay couples are denied because of the church and government policing morality. LOL you’re not flippant child. You’re angry. You’ll have a lot more polls to follow for a lot more years after Nov 6th. The gay marriage movement is just getting started. Chalk up on the anti depressent meds. We, our campaigns, our ads, our donor drives, our celeb endorsements, our money, our preaching, our teaching, our fight for marriage equality is just beggining. Buckle up, and get ready to age yourself babe.

  • USC Trojans Fan

    @the other Greg: I read every comment above and not a single poster stated they don’t care about Enda and only care about marriage equality. You claimed they all did. Not one did. Are you a Republican? they tend to go unhinged and loose it, and start posting all kinds of crazy fabrications to make a point. You really do sound like you’re just going off at this point. Are you actually reading the responses from people? They are all clearly saying they care about all issues concerning gay rights, and are proud to be part of the gay marriage movement. YOU however hijacked a post about gay marriage, as you’ve done in the past, and insulted those for gay marriage, questioned their integrity, questioned the need for fighting for gay marriage, said you choose to donate to other gay rights causes, and made a rank order of what is important to gay people. YOU did that. Then in a most disturbing and calculating way (you bipolar my friend?) you accused the pro gay marriage ilk of being the ones to not care about some gay rights platforms, or pin them against each other. Projecting much?
    You’re basically doing everything you’re accusing others of doing, and they are not guilty of it at all, based on their writings at least. You’ve convinced yourself that those passionate about gay marriage can’t at all be capable of also being passionate about ENDA. For all you know, every single poster above fighting for gay marriage is actively fighting for ENDA as well. You said matter of fact that they can’t be, and you know they aren’t, because you say so, and because those for marriage equality just can’t possibly be for other gay rights platforms. But that’s Y-O-U. You are the one who is for some parts of equality and clearly couldn’t care less about other parts of equality pertaining gay citizens. To end exactly where I started, you are guilty of everything you are accusing others of above, but because you’re too much of a narcissist, you aren’t capable of recognizing it. Thanks for being the comic relief on here.

  • the other Greg

    Reality101, USCTrojansFan (et al) are excellent examples of what I was referring to in my comment #15 which started this off.

    They think any gay person who isn’t as red-hot laser-beam intense about marriage as they are is the enemy, and is apparently even *more* the enemy than actual straight religious homophobes are. That’s ridiculous.

    It’s weird and quite funny that they all write these long, red-hot angry screeds and they all accuse me of being “angry.” :)

    Please calm down, guys, I hope none of you has a heart attack.

    @Scott Johansen: When did I call you “old”? I guess I assume you’re older than the average Grindr user. That’s it. (Me too – never seen Grindr firsthand, just assume it’s mostly young guys.)

    “This is clearly an issue that upsets you….” No, that would be you. :)

    “As you can see from comments above, you’re just fueling the fire of gay rights/gay marriage advocates even more.” Since you guys are so excited about this subject, maybe your time would be better spent working on Tuesday’s referenda (which no doubt you’re already working on!… ri-i-i-ight?) rather than spewing deranged rabid invective against your imaginary enemies on Queerty.

  • the other Greg

    @USC Trojans Fan: I’m an ardent Democrat and Obama donor. The only reason I brought up ENDA was the Grindr survey didn’t mention it, and Dan Avery didn’t either. I haven’t accused anyone here of anything, except possibly being a little counterproductive for your OWN favorite subject.

    Since you are so excited about this subject, maybe your time would be better spent working on Tuesday’s referenda — which no doubt you’re ALREADY working on!… ri-i-i-ight? — rather than spewing deranged rabid invective against your imaginary enemies on Queerty.

  • Reality101

    @the other Greg: It’s funny you should say that, I just donated $100 to the marriage equality in Washington as a result of our exchange. That puts my donation total to $320 in all 3 states. That just p isses you off, doesn’t it? =) Think of all the millions and millions donated to our marriage equality campaigns. Just think of those millions. Are you thinking about them? allll those millions upon millions. Really let it settle it, so it can tick you off. Even if we haven’t won those states, it was as a direct result of all these campaigns and funds that we are seeing people talking about gay rights, accepting gay people, and we are seeing state legislatures adopt gay marriage. The conversation has been opened about gay rights because of these campaigns. By the way, like we’ve said, gay marriage isn’t going anywhere. Buckle up. Our community is just getting started, much to your dismay, which makes it all the more gratifying. Knowing anti gay marriage peeps are just bursting at the seams in frustration over all the attention gay marriage is getting. Oh, what’s that? Bill Gates just gave another check for gay marriage. Man it feels good to be so prominent.

  • USC Trojans Fan

    @the other Greg:
    Yes, I just came back from a marriage equality rally last weekend. It was fantastic and pure joy to see so many hundreds of people walking and mingling and fighting for something so important. People from all walks of life. I also felt proud to be so colossally involved in the gay marriage movement, as many gay and straight people are.

    My friend, we have nothing to be angry about. Our side is on the right side of history. Our side is gaining momentum by the day. Our side is the side people proudly say they are a part of. The gay marriage opponents are the ones who have to hide being against gay marriage and don’t want it to be revealed. The tides are in our favor. 15 years ago, gay marriage was nonexistent idealistic thought. Today it’s a reality in many states. Those states are not going to take away gay marriage. As years go forward, we gain more and more states that recognize gay marriage, in in due time, the supreme court will recognize gay marriage as a fundamental right. That’s not a question of if, it’s a matter of when, and how soon. So our side has every reason to rejoice, and be happy, and celebratory right now. It’s your side that is boiling over that so many people are have assigned themselves favorably for gay marriage. You’ve even expressed so. Common sense states it’s you and your camp who know you’re in the minority and it’s really upsetting you. Your first two posts which we can all scroll up and see, perfectly showcase that you are angered by the progress for gay marriage. You even resorted to calling gay marriage allies and advocates names. Not much different than NOM. They too know they are loosing this battle, and with that comes irritation and irrational commentary. Haven’t you heard of losing with class? No reason to be so angry because society and history is not on your side.

  • NotStr8Acting

    @USC Trojans Fan: Lol notice how his tone changed drastically from his first message which was nothing short of a pissy hissy fit against gay marriage advocates to this current buffoonery above. much like Reality101, part of me wanting to see gay marriage continue to pass in other states is not just for millions of gay people being treated equally in the law of the land, but also knowing pompous peeps like the other Greg really get agitated over all the support and boost gay marriage has been getting in the past decade. just knowing with each new article they are annoyed is a major score for me.

  • USC Trojans Fan

    And they’ll have to continue being annoyed. As been expressed earlier. There’s far too many millions of individuals, gay and straight, fighting admirably and intensely for gay marriage for this issue to ever go away. For those hot & bothered by that; I’d advise they get over it or get comfortable being continually dismayed and bummed out. The fight for gay marriage is one that is motivated, energized and gaining in numbers by the day.

  • the other Greg

    @Reality101: ??? – I’m glad you’ve done that. Again, I’M ON YOUR SIDE. I quibble about emphasis. Not only am I NOT against marriage, I’ve never even heard of any gay person who’s actually “against” it. They don’t seem to exist. Why do you imagine they’re out there?

    @USC Trojans Fan: I’m not angry and I know marriage will eventually win. My point is, I don’t believe your (plural) tactics are necessarily hastening the day. Try actually reading what I wrote.

    To quote Scott Johansen again, I hope I do “fuel the fire of gay rights/gay marriage advocates even more” — certainly more than this apparent belief some have that “activism” about marriage (or any issue) consists of typing a lot on gay sites like Queerty.

    This has been entertaining, and I knew I was right in #15 (and thanks guys for PROVING me right with all the hateful invective! – hilarious)… but if you’ll excuse me I work Saturdays & Sundays, & on Monday need to go help a Democratic candidate who’s in trouble.

    To anyone who plans yet another excitable diatribe against things I supposedly wrote (but didn’t) — Four states have marriage equality questions on the ballot. (At least Reality101 is doing something about the issue he cares so much about.) Do you want to be a phony and type a lot here? Or is there something you want to do in real life about the election on Tuesday?

  • Shannon1981

    We’re going to skanky hook up sites for polls now?

    Newsflash, you can care about jobs AND equality, ya know. Obama 2012.

  • the other Greg

    @Shannon1981: You’re very sensible, AS USUAL!

  • the other Greg

    @Shannon1981: Nothing much happened here (MA/RI), didn’t even lose power unlike with Irene. My NYC friends are back in the light but of course, lost all their food (yuk), & wild stories. My NJ friends are really, really down. (maybe more weirder answer than you expected?) So we need perspective.

    I’ve always appreciated your posts here – have taken the melatonin already w/ a shot of whiskey zzzzzzz, to get to sleep & to work in the morning, will try to check back Sun. pm. Thanks again!

  • Shannon1981

    @the other Greg: Aww I Enjoy your posts, too. I am in upstate NY, I have been doing ok since moving up here. GF is cool, volunteering like I like at an LGBTQ center, manning the desk and that good stuff.

  • LaTeesha

    So we know what the whores think. Great. How useful.

  • Guillermo3

    @the other Greg: the other Greg
    [who’s the other other Greg?], you have some good ideas,I think,but,Lord!
    you’re a self-righteous prick!

  • PTBoat

    Since when does Grindr represent gay america? It represents people looking for a hookup, but not gay people as a whole.

  • DarkZephyr

    Does anyone else think that BJmcFrisky is a straight homophobe in disguise?

  • Guillermo3

    @DarkZephyr: Great question,DarkZephyr.
    BJ does make some strange and very contradictory comments}some times
    aggressively homophobic,or at least harshly dismissed of gays in
    general/sometimes talking about what is good or bad for “our community”.
    It never occurred to me that he is straight.In the few months that
    I’ve been reading and frequently making comments on Queerty,there
    have occasionally been some extremely hostile straights commenting here,
    either[I suspect] getting their redneck jollies,or doing the Lord’s work.
    (I particularly remember an ethnically South Asian kid who was overwhelmed
    with disgust for “unnatural” sex acts and equated being gay with drug abuse
    _turned out he was simultaneously reading/writing comments posted by the FRC.
    Most other hostile,homophobis commenters appeared to be[and were called on
    by some other readers] deeply closeted,probably guilty and self-hating
    people.Probably displacing their negative,rejecting feelings about themselves
    onto others gave/gives them some temporary relief from their guilt,and allowed/
    allows them to spend more time in denial.There have been a lot of these folks
    posting here[I always thought BJ Mcfriskey was one of them]. The annoying
    thing is that after they have repeatedly gone over the top & have drawn
    many counter-attacks by other posters,when Queerty finally bans the offender,
    counter comments by others are also censored,or go into
    “comment awaiting moderation”limbo.

  • JAW

    I understand that they can do that in some states… But in most states in the south, they do not need any reason to fire you… so if they find out that u are gay… odds are they would not tell u why they are firing you… they can just say… we do not want you here anymore…. nothing illegal about that even if ENDA is law

  • Dumdum

    As an older Gay man who as lived in our community since 1975, traveled to many states and visited other countries. I would like to say that I am shocked and appalled by all the mean spirited infighting and general bi**hiness that I see here. But then I remember the 1980s and the thousands of my Gay brothers who died some of them in these very arms of mine. So many sweet wonderful talented men gone. And what is left are a bunch of snot nose brats that think their crap doesn’t stink. And have forgotten all those who have fought and bled and cried and died been beaten and left for dead in the streets. All so you officious little prigs can sit around and criticize one another instead of coming together in love and unity. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU ALL.

  • Dumdum

    If I were a horny closet case looking for anonymous sex. I too would be more concerned about the economy as I would need to be able to pay for my designer underwear and fancy apps for my phone. Not to mention the health care costs for S.T.D.s.

  • Guillermo3

    @Dumdum: Hear!Hear!,Dumdum !! THANKS!
    WAY TOO OFTEN,These comments pages read like the
    worst homophobe’s gay stereotypes___A bunch of bitchy queens.

  • Guillermo3

    @Dumdum: Lord!,Dumdum! I hope that
    doesn’t mean you’re starting to use Log Cabin Syrup!

  • BayAreaHomo

    I am not sure why everyone is so shrilly outraged about this.

    It is simple Maslow’s Hierarchy at work. If you’re unemployed and facing homelessness, you probably care more about job, food, clothing and shelter than about equal marriage. That is why Obama’s broken promises on the economy have had such a tough effect on his campaign.

    He will still win, but people who are surprised that someone who is unemployed, had hours reduced, or facing layoffs would prefer a job to higher level freedoms needs to study human psychology.

  • AxelDC

    Gays arguing that economics trump equality do not understand economics. Groups that can be discriminated against have higher unemployment rates, and therefore lower incomes. If you can be fired for being gay, then you will accept a lower paying job at a company that won’t discriminate against you. You can be barred from public service by state and local governments that despise you, shutting you out of many professions such as teaching and police work. VA AG Ken Cuccinelli even believes you should be kept from attending college, restricting your income potential dramatically.

    If you are unemployed and your spouse has a job, you can get health care through him. If you are not married, then you may not qualify and a disease or injury will send you to bankruptcy. Government employees cannot share their benefits, including retirement survivor benefits, with their spouses because of DOMA. Even if you create a will, your in-laws can challenge your inheritance from your spouse in a way that a legally married couple is protected from.

    Economic tides rise and fall; equality is perpetual. Those who think they can put their wallets ahead of their rights are fooling themselves. Unless you have inherited Romneyesque money, your economic fortunes are entirely dependent on you being treated as a full citizen of the US.

  • Guillermo3

    @BayAreaHomo: BayAreaHomo
    [who there isn’t?]:I know Bay Area weather}Perhaps
    some of the fog has entered you head?
    “Obama’s broken promises”?!!!!!????? The worldwide collapse
    was caused by the Inside Job,fostered and sanctioned
    under Herr G.W. Bush and Republicans have BLOCKED
    the President’s efforts for recovery at every step.
    Do you intend to vote fascist[i.e.:Republican]this week?
    Pass the Log Cabin syrup.

  • the other Greg

    I should have realized quicker that I was dealing with a crazy person, and avoided goading him (as fun as that was).

    USCTrojans Fan, 28 comments; NotStr8Acting, 26 comments; Reality101, 25 comments; Scott Johansen, 24 comments. All saying the same thing in exactly the same tone, a few minutes apart. Hmmm. Only Queerty knows what IP address in California (no doubt!) lurks behind this “mystery.” Perhaps it’s better that Mr. Sock Puppet spend his time here, since it’s easy to imagine that in real life he’d be more of a hindrance than a help to the marriage equality cause! Maybe they kicked him out.

    @Guillermo3: 1) Thanks!, and 2) I apologize, but… well… “self-righteous prick” was pretty much what I was going for, for awhile there, so… thanks!

    @Dumdum: I respect your comments, but you know, you’re not the only one who lived thru the ’80s. Most of my friends in the ’80s died too. You and I could plug that non sequitur into comments on practically any article here. (As you may recall, I’m in a sero-discordant relationship and tend to post on HIV articles, trying to combat the amazing ignorance some people on Queerty STILL have about HIV!)

    I have no axe to grind with Grindr (pun intended) but I think you’re being a little too harsh on those guys. As I said in #6, they’re mostly just young and it’s natural that they’re more worried about jobs than about marriage, which of course is going to be a totally abstract concept to a lot of gay guys in their 20s. In the future any of them might be more concerned about marriage than anyone here. (Maybe even more than Mr. Sock Puppet.) Meanwhile as long as they avoid barebacking it’s not our business what they do.

  • Guillermo3

    @Reality101: Glad I reread this,Reality101!
    On first misreading,I thought you said :Why should we value one another?”

  • Guillermo3

    @the other Greg: Glad to hear it,
    the other Greg(still don’t know who is the other other Greg)!
    You’re welcome! Keep on Prickin'[voting Republican excepted!]!!!!!!!

  • Dumdum

    @the other Greg: My last comment was in jest. As for the old I was there chestnut. I was there In San Francisco in the trenches washing bodies, washing bedclothes, cooking meals, and administering morphine suppositories when no one wanted to be in the same room breathing the same air. Now that AIDS and HIV are considered chronic and not fatal unless you live in Africa. No one cares. I remember my twenties because everyone was dying. Bars and bath houses, businesses closing, neighborhoods like ghost towns. Being attacked on the 19 Polk Bus by a gang of black youths who didn’t want no AIDS infected Fa**ot on that bus. The straights moved in bought up everything real cheap South of Market. I lived on 11th Street between Folsom and Howard. And was beat up by one of those breeders while walking my dog. I stayed until after the 1989 Quake then I moved to the country. I know The City has changed and things are better. But 20 year old kids never change they are smarter and better than anyone else, they will never grow old and never die. Until they hit 35 then they will start to panic. By 40 they become irrelevant then invisible and unless they are wealthy or in a stable relationship or both. Then they just become another old forgotten queer remembering their glory hole daze when other Gays thought they were hot. Guess I have just read too much of Tennessee Williams. Who said.” All your Western theologies, the whole mythology of them, are based on the concept of God as a senile delinquent.” If we wait for people to grow up and wake up then we will be long in our graves. That’s my quote. Dumdum, the exploding hollow point bullet. And a sucker.

  • Guillermo3

    @Dumdum: Great quote,Dumdum!(even
    if I personality make some exceptions)!! The one I love
    [helped me to finally really grieve after my mother died] is:
    “Blow out your candles,Laura,for nowadays the world is lit
    by lightening”.

  • NotStr8Acting

    @AxelDC: AMEN!!!!!!!!! EQUAL RIGHTS FIRST, and many of us will not go down without a fight until we get them.

  • NotStr8Acting

    @the other Greg: Hahahaha!! clearly you’re either new on here or got selective reading skills. You haven’t been observant of the few times USC Trojan Fan and I got into heated exchanges and disagreements and downright arguments on here and Joe My God, regarding things like older men dating younger guys, and casual sex, and even transexuals in our community and their plight. How he and I could not be on more opposite sides on more than a few issues. have you? Orrrr I know. Maybe we really secretly agree on those issues we argued on and only wanted to start a debate for fun on here in the past. Right Mr. Conspiracy Theorist. I LOVE nothing more than someone who has to convince themselves that no one could possibly disagree with their all knowing opinion, if they do, they are a robot, or all the same person, or misinformed. hahahha gay marriage is a huge issue for most all gay people. that that surprises you tells me YOU might be the troll on here.

  • the other Greg

    @Guillermo3: ?? – I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, except for William Weld for governor in 1990. (It was a close race, he was running against a bizarre homophobe Democrat, and some lesbians asked me in person to vote for Weld. Gays put him over the top. Mass. is a strange place sometimes.)

    As I recall, early on when I was new to Queerty I was posting on an article where two (!) Gregs were already posting. I had been thinking for awhile of joining as an official “member” and I couldn’t think of a moniker so I called myself the other Greg. Now I wish I’d thought of a better one but now I’m kind of stuck with it. Oh well.

    @NotStr8Acting: Right “the other Greg 591 comments” in two years, I’ve never noticed you. But perhaps you post mainly on the porn articles. Queerty is weird that way, it’s like the Gay Marriage and Porn News! I guess married people need a lot of porn because of the boredom.

    @Dumdum: Yes, but I’m always a little puzzled by guys in my age range or older who are on a mission to Explain to Gay Youth what the Meaning of Life Is and how they should be doing everything differently and so on. The number of guys in their 20s who will want to listen to that, is very very very very few. When he worked in the “HIV field” my partner just focused on getting them to use the fucking condoms and not bareback and apparently that’s tough enough. And I’m not sure why, it’s not THAT hard to put on a condom! And if you’re on the bottom it feels exactly the same! But explaining even this to young guys is like talking to a fucking brick wall sometimes, their cute little eyes glaze over so I don’t think we would try any ’80s dinosaur stories.

  • Dumdum

    @the other Greg: I just got carried away. I don’t expect common sense from anyone but my partner of 23 years. The only voice of reason and sanity in an insane world.

  • Guillermo3

    @Dumdum: Don’t be an arrogant prick,
    Dumdum! That’s the other Greg’s area.Please! !!:No intellectual property
    [whether foreclosed upon,or not]theft here.

  • Guillermo3

    @the other Greg: Well,other
    [my lazy shortened tag for you,Greg],I know what you mean about
    voting Republican! I confess to that crime a time or two
    in primaries,but in an actual election 18 or so years ago,there
    was no way I could vote to re-elect the then incumbent mayor of
    Philadelphia[well known as the only U.S. mayor to fire-bomb a
    part of his own city],couldn’t stomach voting for his Republican
    opponent,so I threw my vote away voting for some unknown
    About your response to Dumdum:You’re probably right,Greg,but I
    feel an obligation,mission,if you will,to try to comfort
    younger gays and to try to help them avoid the terrible mistakes
    I’ve made.If the kids won’t listen,that’s life.

  • Guillermo3

    “comment is awaiting moderation again,the other Greg.
    All I can say,once again,is Fuck Queerty’s censor!

  • Guillermo3

    Fuck Queerty’s censor,bitch.

  • the other Greg

    @Guillermo3: I’ll try to tone it down, Guillermo.

    @Rockery: !!! – I missed that one. (I was a bullied kid & am often not in the mood to click on the suicide reports.) Yep, it’s verrrry interesting that “they” travel in a pack like that, even in a case like that where I totally agree with “them.”

    @Guillermo3: OK, here’s the secret to the Queerty auto-censor. You can say “fuck” but you can’t say a bunch of other words such as c*ck (go figure) in all its variations including even c*cktail, bl*wing (again go figure) or bl*w, the s and n-words of course, and I’m pretty sure the other f-word (although there is a poster who actually calls himself that, but I bet it’s forbidden in the postings themselves even if you’re quoting the article). And there are several others that all seem to involve SEX SEX SEX. So if you get the moderation alert, you have probably upset Queerty’s prim and proper sensibilities by being too sexual, you pig! We have standards here! What do you think this is, the fucking Atlantic Monthly?

    So if you get the alert, just go back to look for any evil awful sex words, and rephrase them.

  • Dumdum

    @Guillermo3: Look guys. I have to say. WE lived in different times. When I was 15 and kicked to the curb for being queer. No big. Right? There were plenty of nice old Gay men who wanted to be my special FRIEND. I recall being taken to a very nice mansion in St. Francis Woods. San Francisco. I was of course quite naive. It was not until over a year later that I discovered that I was deflowered by a very nice 19 year old boy who I never saw again. Hot chicken porn made. Never got paid. After walking the streets all day I was very tired. A very nice looking young man asked me if I was OK. Use your imagination, it does not take much. I became a whore. Hey I went to school. There were older Gay men who were willing to be VERY nice to you if you were lucky. I may be a Dinosaur but I am still alive. Now I am a worthless Anthropologist in a world of superstitious butt plugs who want to believe that they are a product of the divine, rather than face reality and use basic common sense to live and work together. As human beings. I am not bitter, just really pissed with a tumor in my brain the size of a golf ball pressing against my humanity.

  • Guillermo3

    @Dumdum: Thank you,Dumdum !:
    My sentiments exactly!

  • Guillermo3

    @the other Greg: Thanks,the other Greg,
    I knew that already from getting by the BTI[Davey Wavey]censor. However,
    it’s not the “evil sex words” that seem to trigger Queerty to throw
    comments into “awaiting moderation” dump.Frankly,I can’t tell what does.

  • Guillermo3

    @Dumdum: Dumdum,I can’t understand
    why your comment was addressed to me.Nevertheless,your story is
    so horrifying that it would make a TV real life drama screenplay,
    or serve as wages of sin object lesson agitprop for the FRC.
    If you are referring to my statement about feeling an obligation
    to try to help/to advise younger gays,especially those who are
    troubled:I stand by what I said.Yes,I am well aware that there are
    predatory shits out there who masquerade as “Friends”. The most
    egregious example I can think of is the priest who established a
    shelter for homeless kids to prevent their having to sell themselves.
    He,of course,turned out to be an exploitative pedophile.
    That is why we who are not exploiters must try to give honest
    help and counsel.

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