POLL: Grindr Survey Shows Users Care More About Economy Than Equality

Grindr‘s political arm, Grindr for Equality, just released the results of its recent election poll, and there are some interesting (though not necessarily heartening) results.

It turns out guys who use the popular hook-up app—whether Democrat or Republican—are more concerned with the economy and job creation (46%), than with LGBT rights (29%) or healthcare (11%). The gap for GOP gays is a virtual chasm, with a 65% disparity between interest in economy and equality.

That doesn’t necessarily mean gay Republicans are heartless or self-defeating, though: Some would say the only way to get real equality is with economic power. Plus, if you’re unemployed  it doesn’t really matter that your partner can get healthcare from your nonexistent job.

Approximately 8,200 Grindr users were surveyed: 60% identified as Democrats, 22% as Independents, 14% as Republicans and 4% as Libertarians.

Out of those users polled, 18% plan on voting for the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket, compared to 76% for Obama-Biden. Sadly, a full quarter of  respondents supporting Romney-Ryan are from swing states, such as Florida, Ohio and New Hampshire.

On Tuesday, Grindr for Equality will be holding a Election Night viewing party from 5pm to 10pm at Eleven Nightclub in Los Angeles.