POLL: Logo Releases New LGBT Voter Survey Results For Presidential Election

Logo teamed up with Harris Interactive on a follow-up survey to its August poll, surveying the likely results of LGBT voters in the 2012 presidential election. As you can see, there has been some shifting, but gays and lesbians are still firmly with Team Obama.

Highlights from the poll data include:

*In the days following the last of the presidential debates, President Obama’s 44-point lead among LGBT voters in August expanded to 52 points.

* While Mitt Romney actually overcame a 5-point deficit to +2 statistical tie among general population voters, his 52-point deficit among LGBT voters is more reminiscent of what exit polls looked like among gay voters in the Democratic year of 2008 (2008 exit poll of gay voters: +62 for Obama) than in the Republican year of 2010 (2010 exit poll of gay voters: +38 Republican candidates for the House of Representatives nationally).

* The movement toward Obama is mostly a shift of LGBT voters who were unsure on the initial vote in August (9%) who have now moved to Obama.

* If Election Day is as narrow as many are predicting, Romney’s inability to turn these unsure LGBT voters to his candidacy could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

On Monday, the day before the election, Wanda Sykes will host another NewNowNext Vote special, with guests including  RuPaul, Al Sharpton, Chely Wright, Dean Obeidallah, S.E. Cupp, Judy Gold and Thomas Roberts.

For the full results of the Logo-Harris Interactive survey, click here.

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  • bystander

    This poll is clearly a lie, gay people aren’t allowed to support republicans.

  • 2eo

    @bystander: It isn’t that they are not allowed, it is just that their reasoning is moronic and the literal fact there is no reason to support Romney and Ryan.

    Even their own economics advisors have abandoned them, so the use of employment and the economy isn’t even a reason anymore.

  • Phillip

    Gays voting GOP is like Jews voting Nazi. Overboard on masochism.

  • manjoguy

    I absolutely will not vote for Obama. I am concerned more for what’s best for the economy of the country and the standard of living for future generations than my own “gay agenda.” I can wait for gay marriage. I can’t wait much longer for a job. Obamacare must be repealed. I don’t want an idiot for VP (Biden) and it is absolutely shameful the way Obama has lied to us about Benghazi.

  • JackAndy

    How in 2012 can a gay man actually vote Republican? I compare that to an African American saying he is voting for a member of the KKK! What the hell is going on here…

  • queerbec

    Manjoguy: Obama will address the deficit-its an issue that is not going away. He’s just not going to do it by willy-nilly cutting vital social programs and expanding defense programs above and beyond what even the Pentagon has asked for. Plus there are many in politics who are not going to let him forget about that need. And what about future generations of gays and lesbians–you’d rather have them remain second class citizens or worse, thanks to the superconservative appointments to the Supreme Court? Why are you so up in arms over Benghazi when the Republicans lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction and have caused nearly 4,000 deaths due to misrepresentation and lies. And by the way, if you don’t have a job, how are you getting health care insurance? Most people without jobs lose all access to health care insurance? And as for that job itself, listen to what a few Republicans have been saying all year about lazy good for nothings who can’t find a job (I know because I was laid off after many, many years of dedicated service, but I smartly saved my money over the years and was prepared for that possibility, but I’m still a Democrat)…they have even recommended that the unemployed go out and pick up cans at the side of the road. Wal-mart’s doing lots of hiring for the holidays–if you can’t wait, just head out the door. There are plenty of possibilities out there for you.

  • Wilberforce

    I voted for Obama because of the republicans’ incompetence. They would return to the tax cuts and deregulation that crasged the economy, the incompetence that let 9-11 happen, the pointless wars, wasteful military spending, etc… They’ve been on the same nut cake spiral for thirty years now, and it’s amazing that more of the public haven’t noticed.

  • Scott

    @queerbec: More than likely the reason you are without a job in the first place is due to republican policy. So not voting for Obama and repealing Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) isn’t going to help you out any. SO hey yeah let’s go back to policies that helped to create our situation instead of policies that have been digging us out of a whole the size of Texas. The current policies are getting job growth in the correct direction. Neither candidate is perfect, but at least Obama Cares because Romney/Ryan sure don’t.

  • Scott

    @queerbec: oops sorry was meaning to respond to manjo. I got to pay more attention to what I am doing instead of getting riled up by ignorance.

  • MK Ultra

    you have to be one dumb bird to think robot romney is the “economic” choice. Im not even sure people who say they will vote for romney because of the economy even understand what “economy” means. Sugary sweet rhetoric is not the same as having a well thought out, extensive plan. If you can’t tell the difference, why even bother to vote? You’re not doing what’s best for the country. You just want your “side” to win. How selfish and unpatriotic.

  • Rob

    @Phillip: Never let it be said that gay liberals are original or creative.

  • Rob

    @queerbec: “when the Republicans lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction”

    Since when did Bill, Hillary, Diane Feinstein, Tom Daschel, Barbara Mikulski, John Kerry, Bob Graham, Harold Ford, Tom Harken, Madeline Albright, Sandy Berger, Barbara Boxer, Robert Byrd, William Cohen, John Edwards, Dick Gephart, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy etc. etc. etc. become Republicans???

    “As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, I am keenly aware that the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons is an issue of grave importance to all nations. Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.” — Nancy Pelosi, December 16, 1998

  • John Doe

    Boy, a lot of ignorant posts here. In my state if it weren’t for Republican’s we wouldn’t have passed a marriage equality law this past year. And, furthermore, between 20 – 25% of likely Republican voters are FOR equality in our upcoming election for keeping marriage equality.

    Now, if we look back a just few years let’s remind ourselves that ALL Democratic presidential candidates were 100% for “traditional marriage” between one man…. and one woman. This includes Clinton and Obama. How quickly so many forget these facts.

    So, all of the ignorant people posting about Republicans need a history lesson to be reminded of how many Democrats have only recently started coming out of the closet to support LGBT rights. Obama isn’t even 100% there since he wants this issue to be decided on the state level. AND, be reminded that states like New York and Washington State have voted for marriage equality due to Republican legislators “evolving” on this issue just like Democrats have been evolving. They may be evolving late (and some Republicans may be bigots and may never change)…. but marriage equality only passed in my state because of the growing Republican support for marriage equality. AND, by the way, there are still many Democrats in my state (20%) that do NOT support marriage equality.

    Lots of ignorance posted here when people completely ignore the reality of history over the past few years. Republicans may still be far behind as a whole… but the numbers of supporters in each party grow every year.

  • sangsue


    Gay marriage? Try sodomy laws returning. Try more Antonin Scalias who have mentioned bringing back death laws because they’re in the Constitution.

    But you care about the country right?

    Not the women. You obviously hate women because you don’t care that women will lose their rights.

    You hate black people because black people will lose their rights.

    You hate gay people because they will lose their rights as well.

    You think I’m kidding? You ever hear Scalia talk? Listen sometime. He thinks that gay rights are a no brainer and that it used to be a death sentence in the states in the Constitution.

    You ever see the Texas Republican platform? They want to repeal the voting rights act. They want to repeal the civil rights act.

    You also want all women to die because one of the laws passed against abortion in Arizona is that doctors can lie to women and not tell them they’re sick, even that they have cancer if they believe that the women would abort the baby to save their own life.

    You don’t think much of others lives. You don’t give a fuck about the country. Only YOUR country. FOAD.

  • sangsue

    @John Doe:

    When the words “legitimate rape,” “rape is something G-d intended to happen” are said by Republicans and rape and incest isn’t enough for someone to have an abortion according to your party then I have no respect for it.

    Your party advocates second amendment solutions if they don’t like who gets elected. You know, like Gabby Giffords? Too bad they failed, though she’s no longer in office so they succeeded I guess.

    They women’s bosses to have the right to fire a woman with cause if they have birth control and it’s something against the boss’ beliefs.

    Joe Walsh, your buddy, thinks that Tammy Duckworth, who served in combat and lost her legs, has no right to talk about it because heroes never talk about their war stories….except if your name is McCain.

    I know you want to remove the EPA so there goes safe breathing laws. Be careful not to inhale so deep or you might choke.

    Republicans used to be sane. They’re the ones who came up with “Obamacare” and because Obama endorsed the GOP’s ideas, it’s suddenly dirty.

    But I guess you’re endorsing Romney’s latest argument which is: Elect him or the House GOP will destroy the country.

    When Santorum and his sect of the Tea Party has more control, I wonder if they’ll endorse the same law as in Uganda. Especially since it’s been proven that the Christian groups like AFA have gone to Uganda and written these laws. You know, making gay sex an offense worthy of a death sentence?

    They’re the ones who are in control of the Republican party. I don’t know you. But you can’t separate that part from the Log Cabin and GOP Proud (which I’m almost certain you’re a member of). Especially when the GOP is now theocratically based. Do you like the idea that the church is ordering its members to vote for…well it’s Romney they’re ordering the churchmembers to vote for so I’m sure that’s fine with you.

    Do you also think that if Romney wins the popular vote then he wins the Presidency?

  • Pix

    I used to mention how Obama stood for less inequality rather than full equality, though I grudgingly admitted he’s done more for the gay community than any POTUS in history. Look it up, don’t make me list them, it’s a lot. And he’s lost support for it, too, I knew a woman who supported him who thought he was endorsing sodomy for it and thus would cause God to destroy America. And that was before Obama changed his position and embraced full equality to my very pleased surprise (I’m surprise both sides have been quiet on that).

    There are Republicans who I can see gays supporting, like Sanders in San Diego, and even Gary Johnson (Libertarian now but was formerly Republican and supported full equality even then). But Romney and Ryan are not in any way gay friendly and both have a history and made the promise to attack gays not just simply “refusing to move forward with gay rights.” Furthermore I’ve seen Republicans all but declare open war on women and gays since 2010 and I even known straight Republicans dismayed by what they see as the hijacking of their party by the Christian Right (and even Dominionists, who are even worse).

    And Romney hasn’t made a clear plan on how he’s going to fix the economy, it’s just a bunch of smoke & mirrors and a lot of his own successes depended on government intervention. Plus, “Obamacare” is a Republican invention and was passed by Romney in his state before Obama did it for the nation (something even the other Republicans pointed out when fighting Romney for the choice of POTUS candidate, but how quickly Republicans forget when it’s convenient). I have yet to hear a good response on why it’s so important to vote for Romney over Obama by anyone other than a religious fanatic, and to quote Reagan, “they know so much that isn’t so.” (Yes, I know he said it about liberals, but this time it applies to gays promoting Romney, at least for every reason given for doing so I’ve encountered so far, including here.) But then I read some time ago how a side with the most money tends to win because a lie repeated enough times will sound more convincing than the truth.

  • dbmyers

    @Rob: You’re just a lyin’ troll repeating the big lie technique policy points doled out by Fox News and the tea partier/neocon liars of the Bush administration (many of these same people are now on Romney’s foreign policy advisory committee and would expect to become part of a Romney administration seeking to start yet another war in either Iran or Syria – or both! Everyone knows that the CIA along with Bush and his neocon cabinet colleagues lied to the UN, lied to the world, lied to Congress, lied to Democratic leaders, and lied to American citizens about the existence of WMDs and the buying of “yellow cake uranium” by Saddam’s government (this lie explicitely put forward by the CIA).

    That the Democratic leaders would believe the lyin’ Bush neocons is of some concern (the whole of the country rallied around Bush because of 9/11 as is generally expected, but let’s be honest and place the blame where it belongs – the liars, Bush and Cheney and their military industrial complex allies looking to make big bucks off of a trumped up war, while dropping the ball in Afghanistan and letting Osama bin Laden escape from the caves of Tora Bora. Dispicable!

  • Bascha

    Screw Romney, obviously, and Obama too. I’m voting for Gary Johnson because I cannot possibly vote for the other two.

  • Bascha

    @JackAndy: That’s similar to what I say to people about gay people voting for Romney/Ryan. However, I also can’t stand how when people oppose Romney they are just blindly gung-ho about Obama just because they know they dislike Romney.

  • tavdy79

    The only reason why an LGBT person could vote for Romney (or most other Repugs for that matter) would be because they were either insane or into some seriously hardcore masochism.

  • macmantoo

    I’m a gay man fixing to retire in a year and a half. Why would I want to vote for a republican who wants to change or do away with medicare, social security and take away what rights I have as a gay man? I’ve been on this earth a long time. I can remember in LA where we had the “vice” squads who would bait gays and then arrest them for being gay. To me, that’s what Romney/Ryan wants to put forth agian.

    There is no way I would trust a mormon President with my rights. He has lied throughout this campaign. He’s the biggest flip-flopper to ever run for the presidency. He makes Nixon look honest.

  • Dumdum

    @John Doe: Right!!! And I suppose you agree with Romney that Lincoln was a republican and HE FREED THE SLAVES so based on that and the fact that Romney believes that 47 PERCENT OF ALL AMERICANS ARE FREE LOADERS AND PARASITES. THAT THE REPUBLICANS are our friends and want the best for everyone. JOHN DOE has 37 comments here, I call TROLL, TROLL, TROLL.

  • Dumdum

    The REPUBLICANS are the free-loading parasites. THE ONE PERCENT that feed of the rest of us hard working Americans who struggle everyday and work long hours just to scrape by. We who exist in indentured servitude to Romney and the great wall-street overlords. With their Swiss Banks, off shore accounts and teams of lawyers and accountants lining their coffers with gold, while the rest of us sweat and toil and take it on the chin like good little rock em sock em robots. THE IDLE RICH, YA GOTTA LOVE EM.

  • JackAndy

    @John Doe: First of all Mr. Doe do not preach to me about how wonderful you think the Republicans are! If anyone is ignorant it would be you sir! I guess if I were to post such a stupid comment I would write under the name John Doe also. You are probably one of them and still in the closet, come out and be counted!!

    Doe also!

  • Shannon1981

    How are there gays voting GOP?!?! That is a crazy scary platform for us. Ignorance! Uncle Toms!

  • the other Greg

    I’m no fan of the two-party system, & I’d go so far as to say our (slightly overrated) Founders made a mistake in not adopting a parliamentary system. I’m really pissed off about Obama’s continuation of the stupid drug war, and the drones etc.

    But Obama, once more. Yeah, he’s been the most pro-gay president ever. Plus, I’m pissed off enough about the Republican House, and the R-Money/Lyin’ Ryan campaign LIES, that I’d vote against them for Obama anyway just out of spite… or for “revenge” as Obama put it!

  • Avenger

    Sent in my absentee ballot today. I voted for Romney. :D
    …and get this, I’m a registered democrat, and voted democrat for every other political race. But when it comes to who I want as president and vice president, Romney and Ryan are it. I want Obama gone.

  • Dumdum

    @Avenger: Who gives a rats ass what you want??? A misogynistic, ra**st, anti-gay troll???

  • 2eo

    @Avenger: I hear one of your troll friends died on Friday evening, that’s a real shame, I also happened to send a nice bottle of aged Japanese whiskey to someone in the same city.

    Just saying, these things are obviously not related.

  • Dumdum

    @2eo: The Japanese make whiskey!? How does it compare to Irish and Scotch???

  • 2eo

    @Dumdum: It’s a 12 year Yamazaki single malt. It’s got a nice depth of flavour without the aftertaste of a lot of [especially Scottish] malts. I’d put it about halfway between a solid scotch and a good quality sour mash.

  • Dumdum

    @2eo: So if one lives in a cultural wasteland like the south where might one find such whiskey?

  • Dumdum

    @Dumdum: Found it 750 ml $ 50.00. Looks like a nice gift. Too bad we aren’t mates. I make really good wine and shine.

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