STUDY: Majority Of Italian Gays Feel The Sting Of Discrimination

According to a new survey released this week, 75% of LGBT people in Italy have been discriminated against because of their sexuality or gender identity.

The multi-part study, part of the Niso Project, found that schools were the site of an overwhelming number—49%—of incidents of prejudice or harassment. That statistic was followed by the home (42%), bars and clubs (33%) and the media (30%).

The rate of discrimination could actually be worse than reported: Two of the surveys were conducted in the cosmopolitan city of Rome—one of LGBT people, and another of students from Belgium, Estonia, Italy and Holland.

You’d have to imagine it’s worse for gays in smaller cities or in less enlightened environments than academia.

The students from across Europe also believed you can tell if a man is gay just by looking at him: 40% believe that gay men have certain characteristics that distinguish them from the rest of society, mostly effeminacy and attention to appearance (32.4%).

“The task is to prevent, not just limiting itself to crocodile tears and press releases—[which are] becoming a way of cleansing your conscience—but preventing crimes from being committed,” said Niso Project leader Nicola Zingaretti, “and to educate based on a model of civil coexistence, of respect for others, that at times seems lost.”


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  • 2eo

    Hopefully with the right wing nutcase Berlusconi facing jail there can be real change in Italy. Remember my first trip to Italy, I fell down the stairs at Rome airport and dislocated my shoulder.

  • larryLondon

    Italy is a terrible country for gays, the majority of the people have a macho attitude and a very narrow minds.
    It is the only west europe country without any regulation on gay unions even tough the European Union is pushing for some sort of hate crime and Civil union to be approved.
    The vatican in reality dictate the Italian parliament to never approve anything to help gays. They were even against the decriminalisation of homosexuality in a recent UN resolution,meaning that they prefer see a guy hanged in Iran or wherever .
    Italians always claim that gays are a danger for the the family, and that gay sexuality is against the nature order: this is always heard on television without almost no opposition.
    It is also a very dangerous place for gay tourist, never ever show your emotions there even in city like milan because you put yourself at risk.

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