POLL: Majority Of Nebraska Supports Recognition Of Same-Sex Relationships

A poll conducted by Nebraska’s World-Herald shows a remarkable shift in public opinion: For the first time, a majority of people in the Cornhusker State approve of legally recognizing same-sex relationships.

The survey found 54.5% supported some kind of legal recognition, while only 38.4% didn’t. Don’t book the church just yet: Only 32% of respondents supported same-sex marriage—22% were in support of civil unions, but not marriage.



Still, the results should be encouraging for the state’s LGBT community—barely more than ten years ago, in 2000, 70% of Nebraskans voted to enact a ban on same-sex marriage. “Sometimes people’s attitudes change very glacially. That’s not what’s happening here,” said Greg Petrow, an professor of political science at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. “People now support gay marriage who 10 years ago did not.”

The World-Herald Poll found that support for gay marriage was highest among women, under-35s, Democrats, college graduates and higher-income earners. Those who voted against any recognition of gay relationships tended to come from rural parts of the state.