POLL: Marijuana, Gay-Marriage Referendums Break 50% Approval Mark In Washington State

A poll of voters in Washington State reveals half of those surveyed are in favor of two controversial ballot initiatives—one supporting same-sex marriage and the other the legalization of marijuana.

A new statewide Elway Poll sees voters giving the thumbs up to Initiative 502, which would legalize and regulate the sale of pot to adults, by a 50%-38% margin (with 12% undecided).  In July, the same survey showed approval was only leading 46%-44%.

Maybe they were too baked to understand the question the first time around?

Referendum 74, approving same-sex marriage, is even further ahead—leading 52%-40% among those polled, with just 8% undecided. That’s a bump from 49-39 in favor in July).  Earlier this year, Gov. Chris Gregoire signed marriage-equality legislation passed by the State Legislature.

A similar poll conducted last week by SurveyUSA showed an even wider lead for those who are okay with stepping on the grass. It reported 57% approved of the marijuana measure, as compared to 34% who just said no—and 9% who couldn’t find their car keys.