POLL: Only 2% Of Federal Employees Identify As LGBT

office workersAccording to a poll in the government’s 2012 Employee Viewpoint Survey, only 2.2% of federal employees self-identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. That’s less than the approximately 3.4% who did in a recent Gallup poll.

For the first time, the Office of Personnel Management asked employees to answer questions about sexual orientation in the 2012 survey. It is worth noting that 10.8% responded that they would prefer not to say, according to the Washington Post.

These numbers don’t exist in a vacuum: The Civil Service Commission didn’t lift its ban on openly gay federal employees until 1975. President Clinton issued an executive order banning discrimination in granting security clearances in 1995, and outlawed anti-gay discrimination against all federal civilian staffers in 1998.


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  • Cam

    Additionally the average federal worker is much older because they have frozen hiring off and on for years and have hired mostly Contractors because Bush liked Contractors.

    But I’m sorry, you have over 10% who would “Prefer not to say”?

    Just curious, when was the last time a straight person wanted to hide the fact that they were straight that WASN’T a stupid movie about a college guy trying to get girls?

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