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Poll Shocker: One Fifth of French Gays Will Vote For Far Right Presidential Candidate

A new poll released yesterday by French mag L’Express suggests that the gays of France are a complicated bunch: While a full one half of those who plan to vote say they will do so for the left-leaning Socialist candidate, François Hollande, nearly one fifth pledge their support to the far right Front National candidate, Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen, the daughter of infamous ultranationalist politician Jean-Marie Le Pen, is polling as the favorite with 19% of French gays — even more shocking given that she only gets 17% support from the entire French populace.

In a radio interview last summer, Le Pen expressed her firm opposition to gay marriage, comparing it to polygamy. “One could even decide that one should equally have the right to marry several men, couldn’t one?” she asked her interviewer. (Cue angry queen response: “And?”)

Current French president Nicolas Sarkozy has also said he would not back marriage equality if re-elected. Sarkozy, who’s swung to the right in recent years, is running neck and neck overall with Hollande, with each polling at about 27%. Sarkozy’s support among French gays, at 21%, is just higher than that of Le Pen.

French voters will cast their presidential ballots on April 22; if no candidate receives a majority of the vote, a second round run-off will be held on May 6.

Photo by Guillaume Paumier