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Poll Shocker: One Fifth of French Gays Will Vote For Far Right Presidential Candidate

A new poll released yesterday by French mag L’Express suggests that the gays of France are a complicated bunch: While a full one half of those who plan to vote say they will do so for the left-leaning Socialist candidate, François Hollande, nearly one fifth pledge their support to the far right Front National candidate, Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen, the daughter of infamous ultranationalist politician Jean-Marie Le Pen, is polling as the favorite with 19% of French gays — even more shocking given that she only gets 17% support from the entire French populace.

In a radio interview last summer, Le Pen expressed her firm opposition to gay marriage, comparing it to polygamy. “One could even decide that one should equally have the right to marry several men, couldn’t one?” she asked her interviewer. (Cue angry queen response: “And?”)

Current French president Nicolas Sarkozy has also said he would not back marriage equality if re-elected. Sarkozy, who’s swung to the right in recent years, is running neck and neck overall with Hollande, with each polling at about 27%. Sarkozy’s support among French gays, at 21%, is just higher than that of Le Pen.

French voters will cast their presidential ballots on April 22; if no candidate receives a majority of the vote, a second round run-off will be held on May 6.

Photo by Guillaume Paumier

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  • Rooney

    I guess that 17% are those who have been assaulted, physically or verbally, by extremist youth who want all gays to die, and the left calls that “okay” because it’s “their culture” and we have offended them (by breathing), we’re to blame. The same left that is talking over and ignoring people in and from those cultures, lgbt and allies, who say it’s certainly not fucking okay. There are more European countries that need to take action against the increase of homophobic assault. Mere survival takes precedence over marriage.

  • But but but but but

    But I thought this was impossible! France is a loving, socialist, progressive paradise of culture and tolerance! How could 44% of French people be voting right-wing or hard right-wing?!?

    This is clearly impossible!


  • Clueless

    ^Exactly – it’s the same situation in numerous other European countries. In the Netherlands many gay men voted for the extreme-right party because they are against islamification – not to mention the fact that Geert Wilders is for increased vigilance and punishment against homophobes.

    Queerty’s contributors should refrain from reporting on European affairs until they get someone capable (preferably someone actually in Europe) of relativising phenomena like this which obviously they do not understand.

  • disco lives

    How is this shocking?

    George W Bush got a whopping 25% percent of the gay vote in 2000 (after he defended anti-sodomy laws), and 23% in 2004 (after he actively campaigned on an anti-gay constitutional amendment). In the first case, it was more than enough to provide him his “victory.”

  • Quentin

    Gay people can be bigoted just as everyone else. I would never vote for Le Pen because she is anti-semitic, for example.

  • Quentin

    @Clueless: I am from Europe. You are clearly talking nonsense.

  • not blind

    Quentin, Le Pen’s elderly father is anti-semitic, Marine, not so much. I’m Jewish, BTW, and I like her. Most anti-semitic violence in Europe nowadays is from Muslim immigrants.

    Also, (addressed to thread in general, not Quentin) Geert Wilders isn’t “far right,” he’s socially liberal and pragmatic. He’s been forced to take a stand against aggressive Islam because of what’s going on in his country, not from ideology.

  • Ari

    Wow! Most gay men in the Netherlands are usually Conservatives and most vote for Geert Wilders Party for Freedom

  • James

    This is not that shocking. In France and even the Netherlands most people including LGBT people are Conservative.

  • Celia

    @Not blind: This is exactly what they want and probably are slowly succeeding. Mounting Minorities against each other. Try to go in certain areas in Lyon walk with me(black n gay) yourself jewish and a muslim. You will see that they’ll beat the shit out of us ALL regardless.

    Now in France Islam is used as a way to distract you from real issues of unemployment,growing difficulties in housing even for people who works and loads more…Ongoing anti-lgbt bashing(mostly commited by white christian men),discriminationetc

    The fact that when French civil partnership was voted in,those same folks were out shouting slurs and lumping together Lgbt and pedophiles,
    Those same people who in secret are supporting Iran and Syria leaders as we type coz for them they are the last defense against Israel(in fine Jewish).

    They are still as homophobic,and as anti-semitic as ever they just keep it on the “down-low” since Islam is the new “bouc emissaire” If you really know France. Most French muslims are moderate,and french above all. But no ones talk about it,and is a shame that themselves dont have a spoke person to show that side of French muslims. I may refer you to Judith Butler refusal of CSD PRIZE IN 2010 for a spot on analysis.

    Not denying what muslims fundamentalist are capable of and are currently doing abroad. But that’s not the same fight.
    If you are French. As a fellow-citizen,allow me to tell you that voting is to show in what kind of society you see yourself living in the future not who you are or should fear.


  • rick

    France is being taken over by Muslims. These gays are choosing what they feel is their only hope for the future.

    Compared to the Islamic radicals, today’s so-called “Far Right” in France is very gay-friendly.

  • Clueless

    No.5 So am I… your point is ?

  • lohen

    I would sooner vote santorum before i would vote obama, I hate everything obama stands for, where as I only hate the one about santorum.

  • Cam

    @James: said…

    “This is not that shocking. In France and even the Netherlands most people including LGBT people are Conservative.”

    1/5th is hardly “Most People”. And considering the far right candidate in France is only getting 17% overall in the polls…again, how is that “Most People”?

  • drums

    I’m guessing the LGBT people who are for Le Pen are like the French equivalent of our Log Cabin Republicans, then?
    I understand that sharing sexual oppression isn’t the same as sharing politics and that they are considering other issues, but it’s seriously hard not to see at least a little bit of hypocrisy and self-hatred in there.

  • Rooney


    No, lgbt people in Europe are by no means the equivalent of Log Cabin Republican homocons. They’re not up against Lunatic EvangelicalChristians, and they’re certainly not taking sides with them. What they’re up against is a fast growing minority that can’t even conceive of the concept of lgbt having a right to live. It forces them to choose the party that is the lesser evil. And since most liberal/socialist European parties are only lgbt friendly if there’s no “bigger issue” at stake, we’re completely screwed when our very being offends the sensitive sensibilities of that fast growing minority. We’re “racist” (just look at this thread) for bringing up that it would be nice to be able to walk the streets of Paris and Amsterdam without becoming the victims of a hate crime.

  • Clueless


    Just because the Socialist Party (France’s mainstream left party – like Labour in the UK) are touting marriage equality doesn’t mean it’ll actually happen – elections are in April and they are just trying to get as many votes as possible. The Republic doesn’t care about women or gays – the real politicians here are always white bourgeois males in their 50s (like DSK).

    Not only that but the Socialist Party is seen by many as defending the rights of those minorities who are usually perceived as being very queer unfriendly, at the cost of alienating LGBTs. The PS has been speaking of marriage for everyone for so long but what have they actually done ? Nothing ! Furthermore the fact that many leftwing organisations actually BAR the UMP (Sarkozy’s party, which includes a lot of gays but unfortunately also a few homophobes) from attending pride marches disgusts me. We are all queer so why penalise someone for having a particular persuasion particularly on a day that we are meant to celebrate diversity ? ? ?

  • Clueless

    I meant no. 15 sorry – also my comment comes over a little aggressive, sorry !

  • Torchwood

    Probably will vote for her because she will promise to reduce immigration and Islam is rapidly becoming an issue in France. I know it will sound politically incorrect to say so but Islam is NOT gay friendly

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