Poll Shows Half Of MD Residents Support Legalization Of Gay Marriage

A Washington Post poll has found that 50% of Maryland residents support marriage equality, while 44% oppose it. While Maryland is generally a more liberal state in the grand scheme of things, there is a big divide on the issue based on party affiliation, race, religion and age.

Overall, white Democrats support the measure, with 71% in favor and 24% in opposition. African-American Democrats, however, generally oppose it, with 53% against it and 41% for it.

Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley (right) is aiming to pass marriage-equality legislation this year. His wife, Katie, called anti-gay legislators “cowards” last weekend when the two appeared at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force conference in Baltimore, but quickly apologized.

Photo: MDGovPics

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  • Robert in NYC

    It’s all very well having 50% on board, but unless you can get every one of that 50% or more voting “yes”, then we won’t see it happen. I’d like to have seen 60% to allow for margins of error hopefully guaranteeing a “yes” vote, slightly more than 50% of the vote.

  • tjr101

    Didn’t a majority support SSM in California as well just before the passage of prop 8? It goes to show that polls are meaningless when the people who support you don’t show up at the voting booth.

  • Sam

    Gee, that’s a 29% gap in opposition b/t white Democrats (24% opposed) and Black Democrats (53% opposed). But if you mention this, you are a racist. In fact, people still attack Dan Savage for pointing out this gross disparity. And remember, these are all Democrats but there is still a 29-point gap. This has been found again and again. It was not just one exit poll after Prop 8. It shows up in every poll. The homophobia amongs Af-Am Democrats is evident to all but the blind.

  • Joebarb

    I WAS THERE!….thats all :)

  • CBRad

    @Sam: I think everybody is pretty aware of it (except for fantasy-living-gays in Manhattan who will deny it to the very end). Anyone who calls anyone a racist for bringing that up is an idiot. The only time I think it becomes racist, in a bad way, is if we assume every single straight African-American individual must be a homophobe.

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