Poll Shows WA Voters Support Marriage Equality, Reefer Madness

Some nice news to start Pride weekend with: Public Policy Polling’s latest survey indicates 51% of eligible voters in Washington State support same-sex marriage, with only 42% wanting to overturn the state’s new marriage-equality law in the voting booth.

Governor Chris Gregoire signed the bill into law in February, but opponents were able to garner enough signatures to get the issue put on a referendum in the November election.

Public Policy also polled voters on another controversial measure on the state ballot—the legalization of recreational marijuana. Half of those surveyed supported it, while only 37% were in opposition.

We assume there’s a lot of crossover between the two camps, though we would love to meet a Seattle pothead who was vehemently against gay marriage.



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  • Ruhlmann

    The best pot to be found on the continent is from B.C. and Washington state. I don’t know why but the most potent bud is from those two places. Makes me homesick.

  • Brandon

    Actually the most potent herb is found in Northern CA and the Netherlands. It’s not found in Washington state or BC.

  • rlk

    Fifty-one per cent is not enough to win. We need to get to sixty per cent to ensure victory. Please keep up the good fight. We need higher voter turn out especially from the metro areas of the state and further education. The opposition including their tool the attorney general is trying to bias the language against us in how the amendment reads. No time to rest on our laurel. 51% will not win equality!!

  • Ruhlmann

    @Brandon: Northern California pot is little better than shake against B.C. I have smoked pot up and down both coasts in America. Without arrogance or petty nationalism I have to say that I was not particularly impressed except for Washington state. B.C. wins consistently at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Yes Holland grows good weed, I smoked some in Germany, but my comment was about North America. There’s a reason the pot always flows south and not north. I smoked my first joint 42 years ago when I was fourteen and have tried local pot in many places. B.C. pot gets me higher, and makes me hornier in certain circumstances than any pot I have ever smoked elswhere.
    On the subject of Marriage Equality in Washington State I am not surprised. I visited Seattle a lot when I lived in Vancouver and both cities are mellow, relaxed kinda places, so I am not surprised by this. I think the mountains, forests and ocean all coming together in that part of Canada and the U.S. relaxes people without their realizing it. Or maybe it’s the pot…ha!

  • Steve

    I knew that marijuana plants were male and female, and that the female plants make the buds. I did not know that marijuana plants could be gay.

  • censoredagain

    This is not a good thing…

    1) This is 51% of eligible voters not likely voters. Many times less then 30% of eligible voters actually vote.

    2) The Bradley Effect, though The Bradley Effect is about race it can be extrapolated to include sexual orientation. The person being polled gives a PC answer not wanting to be perceived as homophobic; thus the number of those reporting to the pollster, supporting marriage equality is actually inaccurately inflated.

    Marriage equality is not a done deal until it is done.

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