big (gay) love

Polygamist Sect Leader Alby’s Journey to Ex-Gay Therpay (Was Just to Score Some Ass)

And here we thought we’d have to wait all season to see Matt Ross’ character Alby trek to a conversion therapy session to track down his would-be lover. But it all went down last night on polygamy-fest Big Love‘s second episode!

After hooking up in a public park with Benjamin Koldyke’s character Dale Tomasson (who’s appointed trustee of the UEB, which Alby is gearing to take over) in the first episode and running into each other as their paths inadvertently cross, we now get a hint of where their relationship is headed: closeted disaster. Which is, in fact, better than Alby’s last foray into man-on-man, where he almost got shivved in a truck stop bathroom.

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