Poof Wearing Poof Presses On In Press-Procuring Quest

In other Anna Nicole ink-seeker news, Bobby Trendy‘s reared his lacquered head yet again, popping up this time on Court TV. Like so many of his publicity-ready peers, Trendy has some harsh words for Howard K. Stern: BobbyTH.jpg

He just isolated everyone around Anna Nicole Smith that seemed to have a mind of their own, including myself. He tried to keep me away from those television cameras and her, but it didn’t work out, because I was on that entire show. He didn’t want [people] around who would become friendly or close with Anna, but he certainly couldn’t get rid of me.

When the legal hawk-eyes of Court TV recall Trendy’s Anna Nicole Show-transmitted, pillow-fueled falling out with Smith, Trendy again point the finger at Stern. If Stern were as evil as Trendy says, they ask, how did he get so close to Smith? Trendy’s reply? “He just weaseled on in.”

With all these rats in poor Smith’s life, perhaps she died of the plague.

We’ve included the complete video after the jump, but we’ve gotta give a shout out to virtual matter for sending it our way. Although, seeing Trendy’s inhuman mug first thing this morning may have done irreparable damage. v.m. may be hearing from our lawyer. As for you guys, we sure hope you didn’t just eat lunch…