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Is This The Nicole Santos Behind Facebook’s “Faggot” Hate Spam? She’s Only Ten Years OId.

This is not a great day to be named Nicole Santos. As you’ve noticed, Facebook blew up last night with a clever little script that spammed everyone’s wall with message reading “Fuck You Faggot. Go kill yourself. Vote for Nicole Santos.”

That’s got to be the second worst election slogan ever, right after “Wendell Willkie: He’s Very Popular in Akron.” (That’s right, a Wendell Willkie joke. Here at Queerty we speak truth to power.)

So who is the real Nicole Santos? We’re trying to piece together that mystery right now. The problem is that there are a lot of Nicole Santoses. Could it be this little girl, running for Miss Brazil-Mirim 2010?

She hardly seems like the type to be all wrapped up with evil script kiddies. Or could it be this little girl who ran for Little Miss Beach Bash 2008 in the Phillipines?

Or perhaps she’s a pretty young lady who has suddenly become very popular on Facebook, with a group declaring “I would vote for Nicole Santos.” Then again, she might be the Nicole Santos who ran for 2010-2011 Sophomore Class President, or the Nicole Santos who ran for Junior Class President.

And according to this completely unsourced internet blog tumblr tweetbook, the “Nicole Santos” exploit is a rip-off of some other evil-doer’s work. Said evil-doer “has anywhere from 29-41 domains registered to him, for the purpose of hacking, and has even gone to lengths to pay someone 750-1500 US dollars to build him a facebook script that would spam people through chat.” That could be true! Or it could be precisely not true. Only Nicole Santos knows the truth!

Whether she’s a little girl, a high school student, or a man with 29-41 domains, Nicole Santos’ brand is super-hot right now, so if the real Nicole wants to take advantage of this strange turn of events, she’d better act fast. Cash in, Nicole! Sell some t-shirts! Oh, what’s that? Somebody already is? Oh.