Anderson Cooper Gets Grumpy, Jared Leto Gets Creepy, Ryan Gosling Fans Get Help & More!

– What’s the weather look like for the weekend? Oh, it’s gonna be six degrees of Kevin Bacon. We’ll just stay inside.

– You don’t want to fuck with Matt Lauer. Just ask Ann Curry. If you can find her.

the-wolverine– Proving that Vine is good for things other than/in addition to porn, The Wolverine Vine teaser features Hugh Jackman being shirtless and penetrating things.

Patrick Schwarzenegger may not be as He-mantastic as his famous father, but he’s looking pret-ty good these days.

– For all those Ryan Gosling fans distressed that the actor/meme is taking a break from acting — fear not. Just give the Gosline a ring. “Hey girl.”

– The MTV VMAs are coming to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center probably-definitely because Jay-Z and Beyoncé said so.

– We don’t know who’s creepier: the fan who sent a severed ear to Jared Leto or Jared Leto for poking a hole in it and wearing it as a necklace. Who are we kidding? It’s always Jared Leto.

Blanche: “I take very good care of myself. I treat my body like a temple.” / Sophia: “Yeah, open to everyone, day or night.” Got ’em.

– Gay electronic duo MicroFilm did the world a favor with “Tilda Swinton”, a track commemorating the actress/meme‘s Sleeping Beauty gig at the MoMA.

Dane DeHaan thinks his Kill Your Darlings kiss with Daniel Radcliffe is award-worthy. We’ll be the judge of that.

Hugh Hefner claims he’s slept with over 1,000 women, which breaks down to about one woman per year of his life. God, it must be  a petri dish down there.

Anderson Cooper sat down with actress/meme Grumpy Act and one of them was thoroughly unamused: