Cannes Loves Liberace/Hates Ryan Gosling, Navel-Gazing With Kyle XY & More!


Liam Hemsworth joins the ranks of wet men we love in this new still from the upcoming summer thriller, Paranoia. Based on his relationship with Miley Cyrus.

– Get ready to go Behind the Candelabra and facedown into the toiletbowl with this drinking game.

– While, Cannes loved the Liberace biopic, Ryan Gosling‘s new movie, Only God Forgives, got le boo.


Matt Dallas, the openly gay, openly adorable ex-star of Kyle XY, does actually have a bellybutton. Phony. (Sidebar: Sister Sister‘s brother.)

– Remember that time Eva Longoria got a Masters degree?

– Who’s ready fot a Paris Hilton-Nicki Minaj collabo? No one? Okay, well Lil Wayne seems to think someone is, having signed the heiress to his label.

Lucille Bluth vs. the Disney princesses. She calls ’em like she sees ’em.

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett got into a Boyfight at the premiere of Arrested Development. That Bateman — dry as a piece of toast and twice as delicious.

– It sure is hard out there for Taylor Swiftimpersonators.


– It’s also hard being a hater.

– What has Janet Jackson done for you lately? Not a damn thing since she’s now a billionaire.

Solange joins The Lonely Island to teach us about (semi-)colons and deliver some of the best punchlines of the year. “Your birthday party sucked; no cakes.”