Frank Ocean Named Webby Person of the Year, Ashton Kutcher in “Melee” & More!

– Looking forward to that White House pick-up game when MObama dunks on both Jason Collins and Barack. They might as well get braille directions to the court now ’cause they won’t be able to see the FLOTUS’ game.

Jason Segal may also be invited.

– “It’s like Downton Abbey if the only character was Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess.” So in other words, Ian McKellen‘s new sitcom Vicious is the best thing ever?

– Someone was super upset about Two and a Half Men still plaguing the airwaves and let Ashton Kutcher know it violently to his face. The (are we still calling him an) actor got into a “melee” at a country music festival. Also, we’re using “melee” very casually nowadays.

– Openly bi Frank Ocean and openly something Kevin Spacey are among the honorees of the 2013 Webby Awards. Ocean was named Webby Person of the Year for his coming-out Tumblr note. And Chris Brown was named Webby Douche of the Year for this:


– Guess it’s no surprise that Tim Tebow fever is over since New York is where hyperbole goes to die. Bright side: now he has so much time to give speeches at all the anti-gay megachurches his heart desires.

– Can we talk about Jane Fonda‘s high-waisted pants? The woman’s literally 800 years old and looks better than Lindsay Lohan on a good day…if such a day exists.

– The Jay-Z remake of Annie continues living its hard knock life with Jamie Foxx in talks to make it rain as Daddy Warbucks. Seriously though, Sean Combs wasn’t available? #DiddyWarbucks

– Speaking of making it rain, Kanye West and baby mama Kim Kardashian want to stay relatively dry and are therefore asking people to donate to a children’s hospital in lieu of baby gifts.

– We wonder if P!nk and Joey Fatone ever double-dated with Topanga and Lance Bass? Or, more likely, got into a fourgy with Justin and Britney?

– Calling people straight is…really offensive: