America’s First Gay “Top Model”, The Power Of Channing Tatum’s Crotch & More!

– The next cycle of America’s Next Top Model will include both male and female models, including Cory Wade Hindorff — an openly gay actor and drag queen. Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best model WIN!

Kristen Stewart and Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 won big over the weekend at the Oscars for terrible films, The Razzies.

mark-twain-shirtlessMark Twain, man of letters and cast iron pecs.

– We all knew this GIF was coming: oh, that Jennifer Lawrence.

– And it seems like J. Law’s got a new admirer in Jack Nicholson, who crashed her interview then maybe kinda hit on her a little bit.

– Noted secret bride Janet Jackson confirmed that she married her hot billionaire boyfriend Wisssam Al Mana last year.

– Hmm, here’s a piece of advice worth noting: don’t refer to a 9-year-old as a cunt.

– That 9-year-old in question, Quvenzhané Wallis, will play Annie in a big-screen remake now that Willow Smith is too long in the tooth.

Madonna‘s Instagram account has been flagged for racy content, adding yet another medium in which the 54-year-old has pissed people off.

– Only Channing Tatum‘s crotch can stop the Sexpocalypse in Jimmy Kimmel‘s Movie: The Movie: 2V, which, like most sequels, pales in comparison to the original:

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  • Fidelio

    “I…love….me.” Luv it.

  • Chad Hunt

    Channing Tatum’s crotch would certainly wield a power over me.

  • Raquel Santiago

    Sorry Cory, i dont see it. Androgynous is the ability to be either male or female in look which means you must also be able to pull off the male or muscular form as well. (sexist maybe but thats androgeny for u_

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    @Raquel Santiago:

    Whoa what? Are we making up our own definitions of words, terminology and ancient history now? Where did you get that? What references are you using?

    Wow I realize being Greek I know a bit too much on this subject but I don’t know anyone who thinks androgyny demands “performance” as a full male and full female.

    Long story short:

    Androgyny has NEVER meant an either/or but exactly the opposite: BOTH – a COMBINATION.

    Literally and culturally. The ancient Greeks defined androgyny as a third gender – 4 Century BC-ish. Man-Woman descending from the moon, see Aristophanes’ Speech from Plato’s Symposium. The male-male (all male) descended from the sun, the female-female (all female) from the earth.

    From the Greek words ????, stem ????- (anér, andr-, meaning man) and ???? (gyné, meaning woman)

    NOTE the conjunction “AND” not “OR”.

    The literal dictionary definition is:

    1: having the characteristics or nature of both male and female
    2 a : neither specifically feminine nor masculine b : suitable to or for either sex
    3: having traditional male and female roles obscured or reversed

    The androgyne has been defined for as long as civilization is documented. And rejects strict gender performative labels. A male-female god – combination of the male and female in one divinity and being associated with the moon, both of which were considered to have fertilizing powers, was regarded as having an influence over the entire animal and vegetable creation.

    Research ancient Greek mythology divinities Aphroditus 5-4 Century BC, (and relic statue) originating from Cyprus, “half male, half female, uniting in itself the active and passive functions of creation, a symbol of luxuriant growth and productivity”.

    Depicted with both male and female characteristics (female head, female breasts, beard, male genitalia). Aphroditus is the male name for Aphrodite, and because of genitalia grammatically defaulted the male ending on the name (“us” in Greek signifies male). Originally explained away as what would be called cross dressing today, but not having anything to do with sexual acting out. Note: this has nothing to do with people born with a specific gender identity in the “wrong” body – while we’re on the subject.

    Hermaphroditos Anasyromenos is a famous image of this depiction you can google. Worshiping the nurturing god Venus, whether she is male or female, just as the Moon is a nurturing goddess.

    Jump to the 21st century for some pop culture visual references include David Bowie’s choices in his early days,Prince, Patti Smith, Grace Jones, Boy George, Tilda Swinton, Andrej Pejic, Raja and Mathu Andersen.

    I put Raja on that list because he’s the only person from Drag Race, identifying primarily as a male,(with Two Spirit attributes) who routinely wears “womens” clothing in his daily out of drag life even when dressed primarily as a boy.

    Similar to the Greeks, Native American “mythology” identifies a Two Spirit not-male not-female person, fulfilling a spiritual, if not sacred, purpose within specific tribes.

    Although Venus Xtravaganza, (of Paris is Burning) identified as a trans woman she said something relevant when talking about being a pre op trans woman: “some of them say that we’re sick, or crazy, and some of them think that we’re the most gorgeous special things on earth.” when talking about tricks discovering she had male genitalia.

    In other words, for some people, it’s not about being one or the other, it’s about being something otherworldly, for lack of a better term. Or fetish LOL.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    The ??? marks above are because I posted Greek letters and can’t edit them out, sorry.

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