NEWS: “The Jersey Bore,” “Community” Sneak Peek & Harry Potter Headed To Rehab?


The Jersey Shore‘s series finale fist-pumped quietly into that good night with the least watched finale of the show’s run.

– Former rugby hunk and future reality skating hunk Gareth Thomas popped a bottle with his dad to celebrate his coming-out.

Frank Ocean released his unreleased song for Django Unchained.

– Joy to the world! A special holiday sneak peek at Community:

– Reality star and boozy businesslady Bethenny Frankel and husband Jason Hoppy are calling it quits.

– “Friday” singer Rebecca Black blew everyone’s mind with her #endofyearconfession.

Daniel Radcliffe is allegedly drinking again and his friends want him to head to rehab “before it’s too late!” says America’s most trusted news source, the National Enquirer.

– Speaking of rehab, in a case of the garbage can calling the dumpster “trash”, Lindsay Lohan refused to kiss Charlie Sheen for a scene in Scary Movie 5 because she had no idea where his mouth had been.

– Reality stars apologize for ruining the world while simultaneously ruining music for everyone: