“Mad Men” Battles Jon Hamm’s Bulge, Adele’s Not-So-Secret Wedding & More!

lindsay-louis-vuitton–  Louis Vuitton needs to co-sign this ASAP.

–  Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, the sometime actress may have not gone out clubbing after appearing in court, but she did apparently stop at the liquor store beforehand. It’s called being a role model.

lindsay-mugshot– And one more LiLo thing and I promise we’re done. Linds has certainly had a lot of practice taking mugshots, but her latest is a real stunner. Sixth time’s the charm!

– A queen in king’s clothing: Beyoncé is officially the man.

– That is, unless you ask resident hater, Keyshia Cole. But then again, why would you?

Adele is reportedly planning a secret wedding, which is in effect ruined.

Jon Hamm‘s legendary draping Don has been wreaking havoc with Mad Men‘s wardrobe department, which has asked him to start wearing underwear so they don’t have to spend the entire sixth season budget photoshopping away his trouser snake.

– HBO has canceled its critical darling Enlightened after two seasons, leaving tens of dozens of people saddened.

– Well, Glee‘s still happening, as is this cover of Wham!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” featuring future It couple, Blaine and Sam.

– College Humor’s popular “trailer” for a live-action Dora the Explorer starring Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter demanded a three-part adventure series and an incredibly hot Diego:

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  • dvlaries

    For God’s sake :O while Hamm’s still young and willing to flaunt it let us see what the whole world wants to see!!

  • kurt_t

    My mother used to talk about the time she went to see Elvis Presley at the Cow Palace in San Francisco or San Bruno or wherever the hell it is. This was during the sequined jumpsuit phase of the King’s career, but before he got fat. She would always go into a detailed rundown of Elvis’s wardrobe– belt buckle, white leather boots, medallions, everything– and then she’d say “and he wasn’t wearing any underwear.” And finally at Christmas dinner, when I was about sixteen, I’d had enough of this story, and I said to my mother “Oh Good Lord, how close were you sitting to the stage?”

    And my mother swirled the ice cubes around in her highball and, with a faraway glance, said “Close enough to appreciate it.”

    Many years later, I was gathering material for an Elvis exhibit at a well-known public venue, and one of the exhibit items was an old fan magazine that included an interview with the costume designer who made all the costumes for those (mostly forgettable) movies that Elvis made in the ’60s, and the designer said in the interview that he’d made every kind of outfit for Elvis– evening wear, jackets, army uniforms, surf shorts, Arabian sheik outfits– but he’d never had to make Elvis a pair of underpants, because Elvis NEVER wore underpants.

    And that’s when I came to the shocking realization– much too late for it to do me any good– that I should have listened to my mother.

    Don’t make the same mistake I did, young Queerty readers.

  • AEH

    @kurt_t: A very amusing tale, indeed, but I don’t know what the “moral” of the story is. Are you trying to say Jon Hamm is the next Elvis?

    At any rate, the Jon Hamm situation is just plain ridiculous. The folks at AMC are concerned about some bulge? Seriously? They air The Walking Dead, for god’s sake. Why, last Sunday’s episode had the Governor repeatedly shoveling some walker’s head to pieces. It gets much more graphic than that on the show, of course, but the point is that AMC obviously isn’t concerned about offending the viewers’ delicate sensibilities with graphic scenes. On Mad Men, there has been rape, a lawnmower incident, a hanging, pregnant women smoking and drinking, partial female nudity, and so on. But the thing that actually ruffled their feathers was…Hamm’s covered bulge.

    What? Somebody explain that to me, because I honestly don’t see what the big deal is. So to speak. It’s not as though people are sitting close to the TV, waiting for those moments when Don sits down with his legs open or any other scene in which he shows off just how tight his pants were. Do the people at AMC actually hire people to photoshop that out, like for a living? Do they have a department for that purpose alone and there are people working round the clock watching for any provocative scenes?

    Please. If anything, they should consider Hamm’s bulge an unofficial star of the show, if it’s just going to attract even more viewers. God, they should stop being such a Republican about it, with the foaming at mouth and ranting about clothed bulges.


    Re: Elvis story by Kurt T. What your mom didn’t realize is that it was well known that Elvis put an “apparatus” down his trouser leg to simulate an endowment that he did not, in fact, have. It’s a rather well-known fact about him.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    humans are so weird

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