Lindsay Lohan Gets Bombed, Selena Gomez Bathes In Justin Bieber’s Tears & More!


Lindsay Lohan was showered with gold fairy dust upon entering court yesterday, which must have helped her — once again —  avoid serious jail time.

– Lohan decided to celebrate her good luck the only way she knew how, by snorting said fairy dust all over L.A.’s nightclub scene.

– Oh, hi mid-80s Stanley Tucci. Wouldn’t mind getting into those Levi’s:

Justin Timberlake is back and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, as confirmed with a sequel to his just released 20/20 Experience album, slated for November.

– Former daytime diva Lisa Rinna is considering taking a real acting challenge by becoming a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. She might want to amp up the Botox, however, since those ladies have more embalming fluid in them than a funeral home.

– Not only is this The Last Word, it’s the only word you’ll ever need to listen to on cable news.

– The shade was flying on Celebrity Apprentice between noted nobodies LaToya Jackson and Omarosa, when the former basically accused the latter of killing Michael Clarke Duncan. May the lawsuits begin!

Lil Wayne has left the hospital after reportedly almost dying, but according to his similarly stuntin’ daddy, Birdman, drugs was not the culprit.

Pope Francis I or George Bluth, Sr? Hint, one of them is completely fictional. And the other is on Arrested Development.

Selena Gomez and David Letterman shared a fist bump last night over making Justin Bieber wet his diapers. Coincidentally, it was for the same reason:

Photos: Los Angeles Times, Facebook