Gay Son Disowned By Parents Owns America’s Got Talent, Makin’ It Rain On Miley & More!

– Not gonna lie to ya, we’re fully on board with all these felonious female films coming out this year. On the flip-flopped heels of Spring Breakers come Emma Watson and co., click-clacking in stilettos, for Sofia Coppola‘s The Bling Ring — based on a true story of kids breaking into celeb houses in Hollywood.


– Speaking of bling,  Miley Cyrus everyone. Homegurl is really staking out her claim as the queen of twerk, earning the seal of approval from rapper Juicy J who took the former Disney princess to rack city.

Kanye West is denying recent claims that he’s been cheating on the very pregnant Kim Kardashian — claims that are definitely not an attempt to deflect from those pesky gay rumors. Not an attempt at all.


– Who wears short shorts? Harry Styles wears short shorts.

Jennifer Lopez, recognizing a sinking ship when she sees it, is not returning to American Idol as a judge.

– And this is why you should avoid touching anything in San Francisco’s public transit system. But you gotta admit, the crazy naked man’s got a pretty nice butt. [NSFW]

– Apparently the straw that broke the back of Jane Lynch‘s marriage was being used to remodel her and soon-to-be-ex-wife Dr. Lara Embry’s house.

– Jonathan Allen proved America’s Gays Got Talent, even when their parents kick them out on their 18th birthdays:

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  • Scribe38

    Jon you don’t need your parents… We are your new family now. You are beautiful in and out. Your voice is one of purest we have ever heard and we cried for your success. We will always support you.

    Signed America

  • Bonju

    Okay I swore I would never look at AGT again after last year’s ridiculous ending and the dog show that won but this kid was awesome. I was so pissed at his parents. Of course they are from down south where the sun don’t shine – it fries your brains out. Dumbasses. They kick out a boy of 18 cause he’s gay? He went to that show with no one. he was talking to show coordinators backstage. Watch his dumb ass parents come out of the woodwork now – “oh our son! We love you!” Bull!

    I hate hypocrites! Go on you Jonathan – Rock the world – Brotha!

  • hamoboy

    Miley Cyrus looks cute. But the queen of twerk? Maybe the WHITE queen of twerk.

  • Shadeaux

    Little gay guy was awesome. He doesn’t have to worry though. As soon as he starts making millions, being gay and what the neighbors think won’t matter anymore.

  • Derek Williams

    Some parents simply do not deserve the children they have created.

    That is all.

  • Derek Williams

    People, my apologies for this random post, but I am hoping you might go to a YouTube video about bashings at a Pride Parade in Serbia and post comments to rebut the tide of LGBT hate. Some are calling for all gays to be killed, gassed, bashed etc, others post “God Hates Fags” type comments. It helps if you vote down the video, and vote down the hate comments, as well as vote up the supportive ones. Even better, if you feel inclined to post a comment of your own too!


    You can skip past the intro ad in a few seconds.

  • balehead

    Funny how all the people saying “nice things” about Jon were also the ones trashing gay minorities or morning goods/porn stars…..

  • Spike

    Jonathan Allen’s performance was remarkable. I didn’t buy that Howie wasn’t fed the gay and kicked out of the house at 18 bit as it involved his line of questioning, after all it is reality TV and nothing on reality TV isn’t scripted. Nice to have a talented young guy guy for once that isn’t on stage for his looks and body exclusively.

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