Gay Son Disowned By Parents Owns America’s Got Talent, Makin’ It Rain On Miley & More!

– Not gonna lie to ya, we’re fully on board with all these felonious female films coming out this year. On the flip-flopped heels of Spring Breakers come Emma Watson and co., click-clacking in stilettos, for Sofia Coppola‘s The Bling Ring — based on a true story of kids breaking into celeb houses in Hollywood.


– Speaking of bling,  Miley Cyrus everyone. Homegurl is really staking out her claim as the queen of twerk, earning the seal of approval from rapper Juicy J who took the former Disney princess to rack city.

Kanye West is denying recent claims that he’s been cheating on the very pregnant Kim Kardashian — claims that are definitely not an attempt to deflect from those pesky gay rumors. Not an attempt at all.


– Who wears short shorts? Harry Styles wears short shorts.

Jennifer Lopez, recognizing a sinking ship when she sees it, is not returning to American Idol as a judge.

– And this is why you should avoid touching anything in San Francisco’s public transit system. But you gotta admit, the crazy naked man’s got a pretty nice butt. [NSFW]

– Apparently the straw that broke the back of Jane Lynch‘s marriage was being used to remodel her and soon-to-be-ex-wife Dr. Lara Embry’s house.

– Jonathan Allen proved America’s Gays Got Talent, even when their parents kick them out on their 18th birthdays: