“Man Of Steel” Trailer To The Rescue, The Oscars Will Be Even Gayer Next Year & More!


Jamie Foxx just blue himself for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the villain Eletcro. We’re looking forward to the full look.

– If you thought the Oscars were gay this year (’cause they super were) then just wait till next year. Broadway queens Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are being brought back as the show’s producers.

hayden-giant-We’re not worried about Hayden Panettiere so much as extremely, blindingly jealous.

– 20th Century Fox is gettin’ wit the times: “See, kids, we’re hip! Tweet me on the Tweeter!”

Marlene Dietrich and Bette Davis never had to deal with this crap in their day and age. And if they did, they would have burned down all of Tinseltown to the ground.

– You can thank Belinda Carlisle for today’s foreign language insult and/or come-on. Turns out the former Go-Go’s got one dirty French mouth.

Robert Downey, Jr., paraphrased: “Listen, sweetheart, I know I’m going to win a f*****g Oscar one day or another because I’m the best f*****g actor on the face of the f*****g planet and everyone else is garbage that couldn’t act it’s way out of a f******g trash can.”

– To the relief of drag queens who couldn’t stand the competition, Pamela Anderson is “toning down” her look.

Beyoncé kicked off her Mrs. Carter Show world tour in Serbia last night. Ugh, the Serbians are always so lucky!


– There’s a remake of Mahogany happening, you gays. If you don’t know what Mahogany is…not even going to go there (Lineysha Sparx!). But it’s the best fucking movie ever starring Diana Ross about being a giant bitch. Rent it.

– There is not, however, a reunion of Friends happening. Like, ever.

– Okay, the trailer for Man of Steel has a lot of gravitas and special effects and tidbits revealed (the “S” doesn’t stand for Superman! big whoop), but seriously. Henry Cavill. Tickets sold.

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