Morrissey Hates On Beyoncé, Fans Hate On Bieber & We Love On Turkish Oil Wrestling


– Getting oiled up and shoving your hands down some dude’s pants. Some may call it Turkish oil wrestling, we call it a typical Saturday night.

Christian Bale could be returning as Batman for the planned Justice League movie along with Superhunk Henry Cavill.

– Speaking of returning super-hunks, Matthew Terry — he of the Super Bowl Calvin Klein commercial that launched a thousand hips (shwing!) — is back shilling cologne:

– They really know how to treat their mothers right in Romania. Here, you can’t even pick up a phone, but over there they have male strippers pick up your mom.

– In yet another round of the Hyperbolic Blame Game, Morrissey claims Beyoncé is responsible for the extinction of rhinos.

– It’s okay that Bradley Cooper didn’t win an Oscar; he didn’t want one anyway. So there.

– Hello, the brothers Theroux!

Taylor Swift thinks there is a “special place in hell” for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler after they joked about her serial dating ways at the Golden Globes. Where’s the special place in hell for talentless pop stars who are famous for no reason?

– Speaking of which, Justin Bieber was booed by his fans after he was two hours late for a show in London. But at least he’s used to it.

– HBO released the first teaser trailer to Behind the Candelabra, the extremely gay Liberace biopic starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Honestly, could be a little gayer:

Photo: Buzzfeed

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