NEWS: A Giant Package Of Boy Bands, Franco Apologizes To Bieber & 4 Divas Get “Ratchet”


– The OG boy bands are back in town. New Kids on the Block is going on tour this summer with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees. The roadies better get ready to clean up all those granny panties that will surely waft their way on stage.

–  Beyoncé apparently lip-synched for her life while performing the national anthem at the inauguration yesterday, leading to a world-wide-web-wide freakout.

mobama-wu-inauguration– Later that night, Michelle Obama scandalized the nation by wearing another Jason Wu dress to the Inauguration Ball.

Leonardo DiCaprio says he’s taking a “long, long break” from movies after being “worn out” by the three films he did in two years. Meanwhile, Jessica Chastain has been in literally (figuratively) 350 movies over the past two years — and a Broadway play — and she’s not complaining, so maybe this has something to do with it.

Mel Gibson is rumored to be the father of Jodie Foster‘s two boys, which might explain why she’s refused to disown him like everyone else in Hollywood and/or with a conscience.

Lindsay Lohan turned down half a million dollars to appear on Dancing with the Stars since she’s still holding onto hopes of reviving her film career. Hopefully, she has an exorcist.

– And among other horrible decisions, someone’s trying to make a real life version of Girls.

James Franco apologized for parodying Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend”, yet we’re still waiting for Justin Bieber to apologize for parodying decent music.

– Meanwhile, the Bieber has surpassed Lady Gaga as the most followed person on Twitter, leaving the bare-bottomed ball in Mother Monster’s court.

– Speaking of Gaga, a teaser has surfaced of “Ratchet”, the rumored mega-collabo between the Lady, Queen Bey (maybe Rihanna) and Perez Hilton arch-nemesis Azealia Banks, henceforth known as the League of Extraordinary Women:

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