Perez Hilton’s Red Carpet, Er, Glamour, Drake Loves Girls Who Love Beyoncé & More!

– Sadly, this clip from Man of Steel doesn’t give us a ripped, shirtless Henry Cavill — or gives us much of anything — but it’s…yeah, just watch it.

– No, Justin Bieber, Anne Frank would not have been a belieber. Anne liked soul-stirring music and we all know beliebers are soulless.

perez-newnownext– In a rare move, Perez Hilton opted for subtlety at last night’s NewNowNext Awards.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have not split, but the Prince of Darkness is back on the bat blood.

The New Normal and Smash’s renewal prospects don’t look too good, thus de-gaying NBC’s primetime lineup by, like, 500%.

– Considering how old the teens on Glee are, next season (if there is a next season) will take place in a retirement home — The Golden Glees! (You’re welcome, Ryan Murphy.)

Rihanna had to cancel her Houston show due to illness. Musta been a bad weed brownie.

Wendy Williams will make her Broadway debut this summer in Chicago as Matron Mama Thorton. Howyoudoin‘, Roxie?

– Listen dammit, if Lauryn Hill doesn’t wan to pay taxes, Lauryn Hill’s not gonna fuckin’ pay taxes. She was in Sister Act 2… Back in the Habit.

– “Girls Love Beyoncé” and other things Drake recently found out: