Prince Harry: “100% Gay Friendly”, The Doomed Streisand Biopic, Adam Levine Is Unisex-y & More!


-Beloved  Sopranos star James Gandolfini died of a massive heart attack at age 51 yesterday while in Italy with his 13-year-old son. Our thoughts go out to Carmela Soprano in this most difficult time.

-Friday’s Dateline focuses on the real-life Bling Ring whose youthful assailants knew how to go down in style: “At least one of the defendants showed up in court wearing a necklace that belonged to Lindsay Lohan, and another was arrested wearing a T-shirt owned by Orlando Bloom.”

– Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis is engaged to his boyfriend, power gayttorney Johnny Chaillot.

– The first remix to Cher‘s “Woman’s World” is here, leading us to wonder what took so damn long?

– Also, the chart-topping, Oscar-winning, multi-hyphenate diva explains the key to her success: she has no idea either.

Tom Ford is launching a line of makeup for men which seems sorely lacking in the guy-shadow and guy-liner departments.


– In other manly beauty news, Adam Levine is launching the “anti-celebrity fragrance,” but unlike (we’re assuming?) Levine, his scent swings both ways.

– Professional tantress Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is “praying” she has a “gay little boy one day” — pretty safe bet if that gorgeous drag queen next to her is the father. What’s that? JWOWW? Either way, we’re eating the fish she’s serving.

– The gay soldier who said Prince Harry rescued him from bullying is singing his hero’s praises again, saying the ginger-bred royal is “100% gay-friendly.

– We think we can all agree this is never going to happen as long as Barbra Streisand is alive and strong enough to rain hellfire on a parade, but these queens are trying to make a biopic of the legendary entertainer based off of an unauthorized biography. Papa, can you hear hell freezing over?

– One fan learned the hard way: you do not put your hands on Rihanna because she will not hesitate to beat the shit out of you with a microphone.

– The trailer for the sequel to the bloody, homoerotic ripped-dude-fest known as 300, looks just as bloody, homoerotic and ripped as its predecessor: