Prop 8 Film In The Works, Justin Bieber’s Spit Lands Him In Legal Hot Water & More!

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– At least Miley Cyrus is being honest with herself these days.

Louie, Girls, Southland and Doctor Who were among this year’s Peabody Awards winners.

prop-8-playRob Reiner is planning on bringing Dustin Lance Black‘s Prop 8 play to the big screen…just as soon as the Supreme Court issues its ruling. You hear that SCOTUS, you’re holding up a Hollywood film — get to twerk!

– Despite wearing a wedding ban in place of the Rock of Gibraltar known as her engagement ring, Angelina Jolie denied getting married to noted househusband Brad Pitt.

– To the disappointment of Kentuckians everywhere somewhere,  Ashley Judd won’t be running for the U.S. Senate on the back of the Bluegrass State.

The Wachowski siblings have teamed with Netflix on their first TV project, a sci-fi thriller called Sense8.

– Proving that he’s the bigger man — or at least the more ripped manShia LeBeouf sat front row at a preview performance of Orphans, the Broadway show he unceremoniously quit last month.

Here’s your chance to finally work with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on that tasteful “art film” in which you two have unsimulated sex.

– Charming youngster Justin Bieber spit in his neighbor’s face after partaking in some particularly douchey activities, but the L.A. County’s D.A. office takes spitting crimes very seriously.

Amanda Bynes apparently thinks she’s a ghost. Probably because her career is dead.

Zac Efron was in High School Musical and don’t you forget it! God knows Zac doesn’t want you to.

– We really weren’t that on board with Spring Breakers, but recast with Disney princesses it’s got hit written all over it: