Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” Video, Ke$ha Drinks Pee & Charlie Sheen Is LiLo’s Sugar Daddy

Justin Timberlake recruited his Social Network director and veteran music videographer David Fincher for “Suit & Tie” featuring Mr. Beyoncé, Jay-Z. With all those bold names involved, however, still barely made it a minute in without falling asleep.

– Olympian cyborg Oscar Pistorius is in serious trouble after allegedly shooting and killing his girlfriend.

jackman– Turns out there are a lot of hot dudes nominated for Oscars this year. 20 to be exact.

– ABC continues its noble journey to ruin its comedy lineup by shoving Happy Endings into a Friday time-slot where it will soon join Don’t Trust the B in sitcom heaven. Well, probably hell.

Ke$ha drinks her own pee in her MTV documentary. But this is Ke$ha we’re talking about, so we’re lucky she’s not going full-on Pink Flamingos on us.

Chris Brown and Drake really know how to hold a grudge, if not their liquor. The two are suing each other over their club brawl last year.

– Some industrious paparazzo crawled out from under his moist stone to capture a picture of bifurious actress Evan Rachel Wood‘s unborn fetus, which he subsequently sold to the UK’s Daily Mail.

– Hopefully Helena Bonham Carter was taking notes during Liz & Dick as she’s set to play Elizabeth Taylor in a BBC biopic.

Charlie Sheen continued his catch-and-release a falling star program by allegedly bankrolling failed Liz impersonator Lindsay Lohan‘s amfAR gala appearance.

– Though we haven’t seen the house that American Idol built since Jennifer Hudson was unceremoniously robbed, this season’s crop of female contestants are bringing it: