Tom Daley’s New Man, “Teen Wolf” Goes Gay, Barbara Walters Retiring & More!


– Olympic hottie Tom Daley, apparently trying to asphyxiate us with cuteness, has adopted a pet piglet named Robby-Ray.

Taylor Swift will ruin the season finale of New Girl.

glee-sue-archie– Even as an Archie character, Sue Sylvester is not having it.

Matthew Weiner knows you love gay art director Sal and doesn’t really care ’cause he’ll never work in Mad Men‘s town again!

Teen Wolf will be having some very hot gay teen wolf sex this season that we’re bound to get a howl out of.

– Harry Potter’s uncle Vernon, Richard Griffiths, has died at age 65 from complications after heart surgery.

Barbara Walters is reportedly retiring in May 2014, but she’s been threatening to retire for the past 80 years so we’ll see if that cow actually goes out to pasture.

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive 30-second preview of Behind the Candelabra that’s drowning in sequined capes, hissy fits and statement rings, i.e. perfection.

– New couple alert! Arrow‘s Colton Haynes and John Barrowman. Well, not really, but we’d seriously co-sign that Gay-December fauxmance.

Melissa McCarthy, Zac Efron, Chris Rock and a bunch of other people who have nothing better to do will present trophies at the MTV Movie Awards.

– And we are telling you. We’re not going until you watch this. And you-and you-AND YOU! You’re gonna love this: