Students Get Suspended for Twerking, Kriss Krossed, Kanye’s Due Date & More!


– When twerking goes wrong. A San Diego school (for haters) suspended 33 students for making a twerk team video. Miley Cyrus, this is what you’ve been training for — get to twerk!

– In a case of hepatitis calling syphilis a venereal disease, Tara Reid is coming for Lindsay Lohan. Reid thinks fellow hot mess Lohan is an even hotter mess because Lindsay’s not a happy drunk like Tara Reid but a mean drunk like Tara Reid in 10 years.


detox-bwDetox may have missed the Drag Race top 3 by the skin of her lace-front wig, but she was the clear winnah at the finale last night in LA.

Chris Kelly of ’90s backwards-clothing trendsetters Kriss Kross died of a drug overdose last night at age 34. Hopefully he’ll be jump-jumping in heaven.

– Meanwhile, Lil Wayne is still alive…barely.

Jennifer Aniston apparently can’t stand a little competition so she and fiancé Justin Theroux are moving their wedding so as not to be overshadowed by the publicity hog that is Brangelina.

– And this is why you brush up on your Beyoncé discography before going to a concert because Bey will find you and will make you pay.

– Women tend to prefer men with heavy beards. Some men do too.

David Beckham‘s the richest athlete in the UK, but even those heavenly buns can’t compete with Tiger Woods.

– Something’s dropping June 18 in the blinged out, baby-having world of Kanye West. Whether album date or due date, it’s probably going to be covered in diamonds.

– In memoriam:

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  • bledoutcolor

    Okay these girls had to have known they’d be suspended for this s***.

    You go to school grounds during school hours wearing shirts that are official school memorabilia and do something extremely lewd and sexually provocative AND THEN FILM IT AND PUT IT ON YOUTUBE. B****** deserve suspension, if for nothing else being dumb enough to film it -.-.

    Scratch that. For being dumb period. Common snese people. Twerk on your own time, off school property.

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