Students Get Suspended for Twerking, Kriss Krossed, Kanye’s Due Date & More!


– When twerking goes wrong. A San Diego school (for haters) suspended 33 students for making a twerk team video. Miley Cyrus, this is what you’ve been training for — get to twerk!

– In a case of hepatitis calling syphilis a venereal disease, Tara Reid is coming for Lindsay Lohan. Reid thinks fellow hot mess Lohan is an even hotter mess because Lindsay’s not a happy drunk like Tara Reid but a mean drunk like Tara Reid in 10 years.


detox-bwDetox may have missed the Drag Race top 3 by the skin of her lace-front wig, but she was the clear winnah at the finale last night in LA.

Chris Kelly of ’90s backwards-clothing trendsetters Kriss Kross died of a drug overdose last night at age 34. Hopefully he’ll be jump-jumping in heaven.

– Meanwhile, Lil Wayne is still alive…barely.

Jennifer Aniston apparently can’t stand a little competition so she and fiancé Justin Theroux are moving their wedding so as not to be overshadowed by the publicity hog that is Brangelina.

– And this is why you brush up on your Beyoncé discography before going to a concert because Bey will find you and will make you pay.

– Women tend to prefer men with heavy beards. Some men do too.

David Beckham‘s the richest athlete in the UK, but even those heavenly buns can’t compete with Tiger Woods.

– Something’s dropping June 18 in the blinged out, baby-having world of Kanye West. Whether album date or due date, it’s probably going to be covered in diamonds.

– In memoriam: