NEWS: Azealia’s Label Still Banking On Her, Bieber Cutting Hoax & Franco’s “Boyfriend”


– Seems One Direction‘s Harry Styles finally shaved his beard. He and Taylor Swift have reportedly called it quits. And here she is alone on a boat. “Can’t wait” for this inevitable sappy break-up tune.

– It was only a matter of time before Olympian himbo Ryan Lochte landed his own reality show and we have E! to thank.

Katy Perry was the most played out artist of 2012. And Adele‘s 21 is still shutting it down.

– And further proof that our society is in the toilet, literally, Al Roker revealed he shat himself at the White House.

– Luckily we have class acts like Dame Helen Mirren who finally snatched her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

– This poom-poom shorts-wearing taekwondo expert is our newest hero. Not only did  she disarm some crazy bag lady, she did it in a heel while looking fierce.

– Turns out potty mouth raptress  Azealia Banks was not dropped from her label after all and her album will drop as expected later this year.

– A bunch of assholes from 4Chan pulled a prank on Beliebers with the “#cuttingforbieber” hashtag on Twitter, urging Justin Bieber‘s fans to cut themselves to stop the singer’s reported drug use. As we’ve said before, Beiber Fever is getting super out of hand.

– And speaking of the mop-topped one, James Franco made a completely uncalled-for but still deeply appreciated full-length video of Bieber’s “Boyfriend”:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFu61oFi_6Y]

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One Comment

  • 2eo

    I have found the #CutforBieber thing to be most hilarious, the snivelling, drooling worthless people following these feckless, talentless vacuous troglodytes is offensive to the entire history of humanity, from the ooze to us.

    If a few of these remove themselves from the gene pool we can call 2013 a gigantic success.

    In my opinion of course, but anyone who disagrees is probably [email protected]

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