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Pop Duo Finds Out What Straight People Really Think About Gay Rights

Busty pop group Xelle (you know them because of this awesomeness) took to the streets of Times Square recently during Super Bowl mania to find the straightest people they could possibly find…and grill them on gay rights.

The straight subjects are of various ages and races, and their answers may just surprise you.

If you thought that it was just us gays who know or care about the LGBT rights issues in Russia you’d mostly be right, but some of the straight people surveyed have surprisingly progressive values. Even the straight football dad at 1:15 demolishes Putin’s repeated connection between gays and pedophiles.

Though the girls’ repeated use of “homosexuality” seems a bit too ’70s and clinical for our tastes, it’s a surprisingly fresh take on the issue.

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  • Gigi Gee

    Love these girls!

  • Stache1

    This was cute but usually the ones that agree with Russia would be too cowardly to talk openly about their hate.

  • sfbeast

    Great video. The Asian man was quite well informed and well spoken. Even the black girl with the group kind of relented a little by the end. Those girls are great.

  • Mezaien

    Like most American, who don`t know a inkle from a pickle!. It`s hurt to see how uneducated are most American! (they got it from the whites).

  • nancyapp

    can somebody really explain to me how gayism really started? ?? because honestly upto date I still don’t get it why n how actually a man can really stay together with a fellow Guy n get so intimate live together for years jeez this is really crazy honestly I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen at the end of time where will the gay people go bcoz rights now there are quite many n they keep increasing each day

  • macmantoo

    @nancyapp: Is this for real or did you even graduate from elementary school? “Gayism” as you called it has been around for many many years if you believe the make believe book you read.

    As far as what will happens when the world ends-my guess is we’ll all be dead. All of us, gay, straight, bi, tran or what ever you want to call yourself. When the world end, it ends!

  • Respect4all

    It’s interesting to hear what “average” people have to say, although I don’t know if people in Times Square are a representative sample of Americans. Most of the people are not so politically aware, but seem to be more or less informed as far as the facts, except that one black girl who thought parents could prevent their kids from being gay. Interesting that the Chinese immigrant was the most educated and most adamant about the importance of standing up for human rights.

  • Sebizzar

    Some decent answers but yeah if you really want to know how what people think simply go through Youtube or Yahoo comments on anything gay related.

  • flamegal

    Great interviews Xelle! Asking questions is a really good way to get people to reexamine their stance and address misunderstandings. The questions they asked were good..I thought that while some people might really have been secretly homophobic in the interview, they may have changed their minds afterwards.

  • darkorient

    Love it! There’s hope for this world after all :)

  • tdx3fan

    @nancyapp: Seriously, I think it is disgusting to see women and men together. I really do not get why any guy, especially any hot guy, would ever want to put up with a creature that roams from brain dead (Michelle Bauchman) to overbearing and ball busting (Hillary Clinton). I would gladly help a straight man change his ways if he only wanted too… Since you can choose to be gay and all… Choose ME!

  • jar

    @nancyapp: You should not waste your time on such questions. Your first order of business is to learn to read and write. once you mastered those two skills, you can start to ponder larger issues.

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