Pop Star Exposes Secret, Gets Exposure

Gioia Bruno

The Q network’s new talk show, Brunch, with Honey Labrador managed to pull a Barbra Walters and get pop star (we use that term loosely) Gioia Bruno to declare she’s a big old bi. Bruno is the former lead singer of eighties girl group Expose, which you no doubt remember from either your prom, eighth grade dance, or bar mitzvah.

Her own seasons change:

“I never wanted to put a label on myself but, yes, I have dated women,” said Gioia. “It’s about the person and what’s in their soul. Right now, I am dating a man, but hey, I can still look at the girls. I think everybody’s got a little queer in them.”

Hmmm. Sounds a lot like last week’s bi revelation.

We tend to be wary of the whole “hot female celebrity admitting she likes women” thing, since its usually just publicist-generated hype, but something tells us Bruno might me the real deal. Maybe it’s the title of her 2001 release, Free to Be.

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