oh jesus

Pope Benedict Proudly Protected a Priest Against 200 Deaf Boys’ Silly Right Not to Be Molested

Two hundred boys? Who were deaf? Well, when the Vatican’s rate of investigation and trials into disgusting priests with allegations made against them is just 20 percent (of 3,000 between 2001-10), we’ve come to expect this sort of thing. [NYT]

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  • mdthom

    I wonder how long it will be before the Pope suddenly takes ill.

  • terrwill

    Pope Benedick (aka The Boy Nazi) will most likely come up with some convoluted logic about a deaf kid being diddled in the forrest and no one was able to hear him therefore the devil most likely was to blame…………

    @mdthom: Am fairly certain they already got the wood stacked to send out the smoke signals…….. : p

  • hephaestion

    Pope Maledict, as Frank Kameny says.

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