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Pope Benedict XVI Is The Leader of the World’s Largest Pedophilia Ring

Reading through Pope Benedict XVI’s letter to Ireland’s Catholic community, where he bestows his “shame and remorse” for “sinful and criminal acts,” we can understand why Europe’s Catholics aren’t too impressed. The pope didn’t say anything about the growing sexual abuse scandals in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. He didn’t promise to participate in criminal inquiries into the priests responsible for the abuse. He didn’t outline a plan that would prevent such horrors from happening again. He didn’t take personal responsibility for his own role in cover-ups. He didn’t answer the question of how forced celibacy might play a part. And it sort of makes us wonder, were this organization — the Roman Catholic Church — not claiming its entire reason for being was driven by a belief in Jesus’ teachings, we would be calling it out for what it is: an organized pedophilia ring with better recruiting tactics than NAMBLA.