Catholic Leaders Continue Blow Smoke In New Year

Pope, Cardinal Launch Unholy Anti-Gay Assault

It may be a new year, but some Catholic leaders are up to their old tricks.

British Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor’s new year’s message revolved around the “centrality of Christian married life”. What’s more, the “man of God” used the occasion to link non-traditional “lifestyles” to drug abuse” Said Murphy-O’Connor:

As Catholics we believe in the partnership between family, school and the parish community. The roots of success in our schools lie in their commitment to the support of family life and most particularly our teaching about the centrality of Christian married life.

Most parents do not want their children to be taught that marriage is no more than one life-style choice among many. They do not want to expose their children to the risk of becoming promiscuous or indulging in drug and alcohol abuse.

Meanwhile, over in Italy, Pope Benedict XVI took a more heavy-handed approach, saying that marriage can help keep world peace: “The family is the primary agent of peace and the negation or even the restriction of rights of the family threatens the very foundations of peace.”

Ha! Tell that to all the people who have quarreling and/or abusive parents, partners and other relations.