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Pope Says People Should Accept Their Bodies As They Were Created

Pope Francis

In last week’s letter covering marriage and the family, Pope Francis‘ Amoris Laetitia(“The Joy of Love”) apparently sides with The College of Pediatricians’ recent claim that “conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.”

Francis’ letter states that “the young need to be helped to accept their own body as it was created” since believing we have “absolute power over our own bodies” might lead to the belief that “we enjoy absolute power over creation.”

The letter goes on to say that “an appreciation of our body as male or female [is] necessary for our own self-awareness in an encounter with others different from ourselves. In this way we can joyfully accept the specific gifts of another man or woman, the work of God the Creator, and find mutual enrichment.””

He argues that any attempt to cancel our differences in the two genders is merely an indicator that society “no longer knows how to deal with it.” He derides any ideology that “denies the difference and reciprocity in nature of a man and a woman and envisages a society without sexual differences, thereby eliminating the anthropological basis of the family.”

He also strongly discourages schools from teaching safe sex.

“Frequently,” he writes, “sex education deals primarily with ‘protection’ through the practice of ‘safe sex.’”

“Such expressions convey a negative attitude towards the natural procreative finality of sexuality, as if an eventual child were an enemy to be protected against.”

“This way of thinking promotes narcissism and aggressively in place of acceptance. It is always irresponsible to invite adolescents to toy with their bodies and their desires, as if they possessed the maturity, values, mutual commitment and goals proper to marriage.”

Somewhere else in the voluminous 261-page document, he also states that there are “absolutely no grounds” for seriously recognizing “homosexual unions.”

“In discussing the dignity and mission of the family, the Synod Fathers observed that, as for proposals to place unions between homosexual persons on the same level as marriage, there are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family.”

Talking to The Chicago Tribune, Mary E. Hunt, co-founder and co-director of the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) said, “It doesn’t seem to have penetrated into the mind of the Vatican on how sexuality and sexual ethics have changed.”

H/t: LGBTQ Nation

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  • Dee Stephens

    What exactly does that mean Mr pope

  • Ditte Paul Posthuma de Boer

    I accept that my body is not beautiful, and that’s why I go to the plastic surgeon…??

  • Dev.C

    An Bernie Sanders goes out of his way to see and praise this old douche bag, bye to the both of them.

  • Enmanuel Hidalgo Infante

    1. Nobody created “their” bodies besides “their” parents. 2. We are not our bodies, therefore everyone has the right and duty to do as it/she/he pleases, as long as no one else is harmed. 3. Who cares what the visible head of the most criminal organisation in the world has to say? Why should we care?

  • Michael Poole

    Says the pope who denies his sexuality that was so called ‘god given’. F**king idiot!

  • Octavio Roca

    Medieval-minded asshole.

  • Frederick M. Weisinger

    Parents should be held responsible as the gay baby came from their union. Parents should be punished, it was their creation.

  • Rimminit

    But surgically altering a penis after a baby is born because the bible tells me so is completely acceptable.

  • Masc Pride

    I definitely agree that society is slowly giving up on accepting reality in favor of embracing delusion, but discouraging discussions on safe sex would be yet another departure from reality.

    @Bob LaBlah: So true. The childhood obesity rates these days are also inexcusable. Unfortunately, there is no penalty for parents screwing their kids’ lives up before they even have a chance. I think some parents truly don’t even know just how hard life will be for their children as a result of zero guidance. Seems like common sense, but a lot of people don’t have any.

  • Rimminit

    So pope, youre saying that all babies born with birth defects, chromosomal abnormalities, mental retardation, microcephally, etc etc etc is god’s will and no attempt to change their aberration should be made?

  • Bauhaus

    We have endured religious, social and legal doctrine against us, yet we are prevailing – persecution has made us extremely adaptable.

  • EricNYCity

    what about the tens of millions of women around the world who have had breast augmentation?

  • BigWill

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • Georgie Land

    So says a dress-wearing apologist for pedophiles. As$hat!

  • DCFarmboy

    He does have a point that sex education shouldn’t all about not getting pregnant, but should also include education about the joy of having a baby.

  • onthemark

    @Rimminit: Right – I thought immediately of the doctors who work in 3rd-world countries to treat kids with cleft palates, etc. A lot of that work is church-funded.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Notice the Pope doesn’t agree with the actual mainstream medical group – but rather a fringe one. Also the Pope should deal with the fact that since he is waging a war against non-Catholics’ rights, he will be treated as such. No point for non-Catholics to provide him any immunity or impunity for the child abuse the organization has leads has covered up for decades.

  • Rimminit

    Excellent point! They should be prosecuted.

  • Brian

    The Pope is absolutely right on this. You should also accept your skin color and natural sexuality.

    Trans people remind me of black people who wish to have white skin. They want the impossible.

  • Johnson, Paul D.

    Ah. So I assume this applies to cleft palate, cephalic malformities, hermaphrodites? How about CIRCUMCISION?????

    So we should leave tonsils alone, appendix even if it becomes problematic?

    Oh… you just mean the tingly bits. Right. Nothing like advice on gender disphoric issues from an 84 year virgin who wears dresses all day… um…. point withdrawn.

  • Johnson, Paul D.

    And the sun has set on the “tolerance Pope”. There is a saying about a wolf in sheep’s clothing but to be honest this one was wearing the same wolf costume every other one before him did. I hate to say I told you so but… you know the rest.

  • Lookyloo

    “the young need to be helped to accept their own body as it was created” – Says the Pope.

    Well, Popey, here’s an infant who was ‘created’ with his heart outside his body – and would surely die because of that if not for modern medical intervention to alter how God created him.
    — sfw medical before+after photos —>

  • Bob LaBlah

    Has any one noticed there is no reply tab on the comments? What gives?

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