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Pope Tells This Portuguese Boy Not to Threaten Common Good By Turning Gay and Marrying

At this point you should expect Pope Benedict XVI (that’s roman numerals for “zexy”) to say anything that rallies the Catholic base while diverting your attention from the global pedophile ring he’s in charge of. So his comments about gay marriage — made in Portugal on the eve of the country legalizing same-sex marriage — shouldn’t really be interpreted as anything but strategy.

Gay marriage is among the “insidious and dangerous threats to the common good” says Big P. The audience applauded. On its feet.

Snaps for hatred!

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    Memo to Pope Benedick aka the boy nazi:

    There is no choice nor decision for that boy regarding being Gay. We are born that way. However it is a choice for a Priest to fcuk that boy, a decisison that thousands of your Priests made. Those who live in a glass house shouldn’t be throwing stones. Sorry you hateful bastard, it turns out the Vatican is made of glass……….

  • Lamar

    I’m still waiting for the sky to fall in all the countries that have same sex marriages.

  • Chris

    “insidious and dangerous threats to the common good”

    That’s funny, because you can say the same thing about ORGANIZED RELIGION.

  • Jerry Priori

    Is that the best he’s got? Because I consider the Catholic church a whole lot worse than an “insidious and dangerous threat to the common good.”

  • Alex Sarmiento

    “But diddle kiddies and deny women the right to control their own bodies and the right to have higher positions in the church, and force non-white people to join the church under penalty of death and starvation; that’s FABULOUS!”

  • Chip

    But he’s got a fab red poncho on.

  • Andy

    Send him to the Hague and charge him with crimes against humanity.

  • thedarkchariot


  • Devon

    That little boy better start running. They’re looking at him like he’s a slab of fresh meat.

  • hephaestion

    Pope Maledict is a scab on the asshole of humanity. He and his band of Vatican closet cases should be eaten by buzzards for the evil they’ve done.

  • Sine

    I think the most insidious and dangerous threat to the common good is what the Pope’s buddies did backstage with the poor kid.

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