Pope Volunteer: “My Plot To Melt Protesting Gays With An Acid Bomb Was A Total Joke. LOL!”

Yeah, the Madrid police stopped the kiss-in planned by gay protesters during the Pope’s visit last week. But if Mexican chemistry student Jose Alvano Perez Bautista had succeeded in his “joke” plot to build a gay-killing acid bomb, things coulda gone a lot worse.

Bautista served as one of the 30,000 volunteers for Pope Benedict XVI’s World Youth Day celebrations. Eight days before the celebration, he posted the following threat at the online newspaper La Voz Libre (The Free Voice):

“I have hydrochloric acid and 50 bottles of benzyl bromide, with that we can make a good asphyxiating mixture. We have less than eight days to get organised, to kill queers and in the name of God. Come on mates, we need some fertilizer, I repeat we do not need money, just bring fertilizer, naptha, gunpowder or matches or a lighter will do. The only aim is to kill these dirty queers. On their anti-pope march is a good time to get them together and impale them and then burn them as queers.”

When police investigated, they found that Bautista lacked any of the actual ingredients to make his bomb—which, of course, doesn’t mean that said ingredients don’t exist. Nevertheless, lacking solid evidence they charged him with making aggravated terrorist threats as opposed to conspiracy.

Bautista claims his threat was just a joke and that he posted it only to discourage dirty queers from attending their protest. But even still, the cops took his laptop, portable memory, two notebooks containing notes about chemicals unrelated to his studies, and his passport. They now require him to go to the local police station twice a day, just to make sure he’s not involved in any fuckery.


Image via Joe.My.God.