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Pope’s Advisor on Pedophilia Scandal Arrested for — Well, You’ll Never Guess What

Try to contain your shock: a Vatican official in charge of advising the Pope on pedophilia is accused of having somewhat more knowledge of the practice than he should have.

[UPDATE: Oh, whoops! A lot of news sources, us included, reported that it was the adviser who was arrested, but it was actually just a priest who worked for the adviser. So, that’s a relief.]

He’s been arrested for, among other things, writing, “I do not want 16-year-old boys but younger. Fourteen-year-olds are O.K. Look for needy boys who have family issues.” Other accusations: trading cocaine for boys, and that the Vatican knew about the problem for decades.

You know, NOM likes to feign a lot of outrage about “teaching gay marriage” in schools, even though all that really means is teaching children how to respect and value each other.

They act like instilling tolerance is tantamount to child abuse. Meanwhile, the Vicar of Christ is running a matchmaking service for statutory rapists. Awesome.

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  • EdWoody

    I only had to read the headline and I was already laughing.

  • Drew H.

    There is just no end to this. Now watch them deny any knowledge & try to cover it up.

  • Will

    “Priest in parish of top Vatican pedophilia adviser”

    This is not the same thing as the adviser himself. I saw this mistake made on a number of sites throughout the day.

  • Cam

    It isn’t the advisor, it’s a priest in his parish. But the sick thing is….that the advisor and the Vatican have KNOWN about this guy for 20 years!

  • Daan de Leeuw

    I guess they’ve all been to Woodstock?

  • Mike in Asheville

    @EdWoody: Laughing, or crying?


    All the anti-gay rights organizations shouting “what about the children?” Nowhere to be seen or heard about the Cult of Catholic child molesters.

    All those wingnuts, especially Catholic wingnuts, who cry and whine about how anti-bullying is somehow gay indoctrination; how “It Gets Better” is somehow gay indoctrination; how educating children about Harvey Milk is somehow gay indoctrination: and yet they keep sending their children to Catholic schools/churches, right into the hands of a global child molesting and raping conspiracy of Catholic priests and their protectors.

  • ewe

    The “straights” are gonna have a field day with this one.

  • Marvin

    Do you people not even read your own articles before you write headlines? I doubt you’re so thick that this is an actual “mistake.” The real story is bad enough; you needn’t sensationalize and lie about it.

  • Otis Criblecoblis

    It takes one to know one!

    …and what is Pope Rat hiding under those robes?

  • Pocket

    Its definitely so much worse that it isn’t the adviser, because that means he wouldn’t do anything about this even though he wasn’t personally involved! Absolutely no skin off his nose and he still let kids suffer. Typical really.

  • Hue-Man

    Why hasn’t there been an Arab Spring-type uprising in the Vatican to throw out these corrupt criminals? Why haven’t we heard a single bleet from the North American catholic sheep? “Old Joe Rat wll be dead soon enough.” “The next one can’t be as bad, can he?” “I don’t let my kids anywhere near the priests.” “This too will pass.”

    I don’t hate catholics just like I don’t hate Americans for electing the war criminal Bush! But lay catholics are sadly mistaken on this issue: Joe Rat has purged any rational voices in the heirarchy following a similar decades’ long campaign carried out by his unsaintly Polish predecessor. The entire worldwide leadership – bishops, archbishops, cardinals, etc. – is complicit in the criminal pedophilia cover-up and each has been promoted because they espouse the same backward hate-filled ideology as Old Joe Rat. Where’s the next Martin Luther?

  • Jeffree

    Semi-breaking news: Per Italian news agencies, Fr. Seppia is also HIV+. {and addicted to drugs a.k.a. “sieropositivo e tossicodipendiente”)

    The pedophilia scandal broke 5/21 but the info on the HIV status has emerged within the last 3 days.

    Full disclosure: I’ve been busy translating several articles on the investigation into English for another (non-LGBT) publication.

    Other than in the Catholic press, the RCC is being reamed from both Left & Right-leaning papers.

  • Robbie K

    On your knees and repent..oh wait that is how this all begun..

  • Oliver

    Is anyone surprised? Religon, all flavors, has the purpose of controlling people. Scare people into behaving the way you want, either with ghost stories and myths (bible, koran, etc), intimidation, or abuse.

  • Oliver

    The north american catholic sheep you speak of still follow their rules and give their money to the church.

  • Adman

    @Oliver: And they will continue to. How else can they distinguish themselves from people who are accepting of differences? These people didn’t lay up in a shitty old church building all their lives taking judge thy neighbor lessons for nothing, you know? Where is the shiny new “popular citizen” award for each and every on of them, huh?

  • MattGMD

    The worldwide catholic corporation will be paying settlements for the abuse and molestation of children well into the next decade. Hopefully people are much more aware nowadays of the risk of letting their kidlets spend “private” time with the priests/nuns. The down side of such awareness will likely be suspicion of totally dedicated and sincere clergy.

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