Gays Are The Pits...

Pope’s New Year’s Message: Traditional Family Is Tops

Pope Benedict XVI used his New Year’s message to spread some old, exclusionary dogma:

Tens of thousands gathered in Madrid and Vatican City for Catholic rallies promoting traditional families on Sunday.

Pope Benedict XVI addressed the crowd in St Peter’s Square in his last Angelus prayer of 2007 which was broadcast on a giant TV screen for throngs who had come to Madrid’s Plaza de Colon to hear him.

In Spanish the Pope said that the family is “based on the unbreakable union of man and woman and represents the privileged environment where human life is welcomed and protected from the beginning to its natural end.”

The remarks were greeted with a massive cheer in Madrid.

“It is worthwhile to work for the family and marriage because it is worthwhile to work for the human being, the most precious being created by God,” he said.

Except for us gay folk. We’re apparently worthless.