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Pope’s New Year’s Message: Traditional Family Is Tops

Pope Benedict XVI used his New Year’s message to spread some old, exclusionary dogma:

Tens of thousands gathered in Madrid and Vatican City for Catholic rallies promoting traditional families on Sunday.

Pope Benedict XVI addressed the crowd in St Peter’s Square in his last Angelus prayer of 2007 which was broadcast on a giant TV screen for throngs who had come to Madrid’s Plaza de Colon to hear him.

In Spanish the Pope said that the family is “based on the unbreakable union of man and woman and represents the privileged environment where human life is welcomed and protected from the beginning to its natural end.”

The remarks were greeted with a massive cheer in Madrid.

“It is worthwhile to work for the family and marriage because it is worthwhile to work for the human being, the most precious being created by God,” he said.

Except for us gay folk. We’re apparently worthless.

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  • The Ghost of a Breeder

    So Herr Pope believes the union of man and woman is unbreakable. Maybe he should try dousing the frisky pair with a big ol’ bucket of cold holy water — it works when you want to break apart a couple of breeding dogs, anyway.

  • thegayrecluse

    It’s too bad he’s German, or he could run for President of the US; he sounds exactly like all the Republicans.

  • todd

    This is a man who was a Nazi and wears a fancy bathrobe everywhere! Why would anyone listen to him?

  • Mario

    Those people than were in Madrid, the most old fashioned catholics of Spain, are obsessed with gays since we can get married since two years ago. They say that they deffend the family, ¿but which one? Of course, theirs. The one that two men or two women can freely choose to stablish is not as good as their traditional catholic family. Does somebody thell them which kind of family must they rise? So, don´t impose the rest of the people your concept of family, bastards.

  • William

    The comment:

    “Except for us gay folk. We’re apparently worthless.”

    …Is unfounded. There is a place for gay people in the Catholic Church, and there are many who take their place within.

    One cannot expect the Church to change the will of God for the will of man.

    If you don’t care what the Pope has to say, why devote so much blog-space to him?

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