Out With A Bang

Popular YouTuber Jeydon Wale Comes Out As Transgender


“Hi, my name is Jeydon Wale and I am female to male transgender — holy shit.”

So reveals the popular YouTube star in an emotional video posted on November 13th, in which Wale says he’s “always been a boy… [but] my body said otherwise at birth.”

I felt so alone. The people around me were not accepting me…I felt like I was suffocating. I felt like I was drowning. I felt like my skin was smothering me and I was trapped in my body and it honestly felt like a nightmare that was never, ever going to end,” he said.

“I never thought people would love and accept me for who I am…I just can’t thank you enough; thank you for letting me be myself, something the world was trying so hard to take away from me…You guys are the reason why I’m still here and I want to show you how happy I am.”

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Wale — who bills himself as “that crazy YouTube kid” who’s “here to make you smile and remind you of your strength —  has had his own channel for nine years and managed to rack up over a million fans in that time.

Watch his video here to find out why: