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  • Jason

    Congrats Rachel!

  • Gregoire

    I really liked her show. Its totally partisan, sure, but without all the shouting and frothing at the mouth. I hope she’s a success and please don’t change your hot lesbian hairdo!

  • rick

    i absolutely adore rachel. she is smart, witty, kind and gracious.

    i swear she puts a smile on my face and my blood pressure goes down.

    last night i was shocked when i found myself laughing along with pat buchanan!

    who would have thought that once he pulled his head out of nixon’s ass he would be charming and funny.

    i think he realized he bought a pig in a poke with palin and he is on youtube.

    rachel maddow is the new face of the future. genteel graciousness is on the comeback!

    you go girl!

  • Bob R

    Love Rachel and most of her show. Unfortunately, I have suffer total physical revulsion whenever and wherever Pat Buchanan rears his fascist head. I just automatically hit the change channel button on the remote and if I don’t find anything more interesting, I may return to Maddow a few minutes later after Pat has crawled back under his rock for the evening. If Rachel reads this (very doubtful), I hope she’ll shift Buchanan’s appearance to the last segment, rather than risk losing viewers who can no longer deal with his extreme right wing, hateful BS.

  • GayBobVT

    I bet the ratings would be higher if Comcast hadn’t taken MSNBC off their basic plan… ah, but I still can watch Fox News(?).

  • abe

    I used to like her until she became to ProBama. Yuck

  • mark

    YAY!!!! RACHEL

    Go knock the snot out of that bloated pustile Hannity

  • Helen

    I was watching your show tonight(which I love)when the guy who use to be a speech writer for ?
    was bad mouthing your show. Has he EVER listened to Rush or Hannity? What does he think they do? I’m so glad to have someone to counteract their lies. I look forward to your humor,sacasim, and anything else you use to put those people in their place and stop their lies. Don’t change your format,it’s awsome!

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