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Portia de Rossi Effortlessly Reminds America Elisabeth Hasselbeck Should Not Discuss Gays

The last time Portia de Rossi was on The View, a fire alarm saved the actress from having to talk about her personal life. You know, with the ladies. That was important, because she was still in the closet. This time around, she’s an out actress — who still has tons of appeal among the straight male set. For obvious reasons. But because she’s a gay actress, and a married one at that, she’s a natural spokeswoman for civil rights.

And she’s a natural spokeswoman for the Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tries Making Points From a Place of Ignorance cause.

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  • GeoffM

    Love this! Poria was very eloquent and to the point when Elizabeth jumped in. I’m not a huge View fan but found myself watching it when Hasslebeck was gone…now not at all. I was more irritated this time when Sheri Shepard (sp?) had to condescendingly ‘thank’ Portia for ‘sharing her “view points”‘…..what a dumb #$%^@ Thank you Queerty for posting this!

  • edgyguy1426

    Yeah Geoff, I noticed she did that twice as well! It was like she was trying to run a personal disclaimer for the show. “The views of our guests do not necessarily reflect those of the hosts”

  • Alexa

    Elisabeth should not discuss anything, period. She and that dumb idiot Sherri are why I haven’t watched The View in over a year.

  • Mike L.

    Portia is so sweet, and made great points on tv. Elisabeth and Sherri are just disgusting intellectually challenged BibleTrolls.

  • Caleb

    Elizabeth is the dumbest bitch I have ever heard. Seriously? Women want the same rights as men but they don’t care about being called men? Um how is that analogous exactly? I’d love to know what bible beater website she got that from?

  • Jacob

    Portia is gorgeous :o) Wow, its obvious why Ellen sweeped her off her feet. Shes gorgeous and has a very amazing personality.
    Amazing chick! Loved what she had to say! :o)

  • unclemike

    Hey, Elizabeth: thanks for playing “Really Bad Analogies!”

  • tavdy79

    I want to flip that whole perspective around a bit: Hasselbeck gave de Rossi a chance to blast a key right-wing meme out of the water. In that respect, I think she actually did us a favour.

  • Aaron

    Excuse me Elizabeth, gay and straight is equally to male and female. You gotta be kidding me.

  • Ted C.

    In response to Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s point: Yes, women aren’t asking to be called men. And gay people aren’t asking to be called straight.

    But women _have_ asked for their occupations to be referred to using the same words as men’s occupations. They want “aviator”, not “aviatrix”; “doctor”, not “lady doctor”. Similarly, gay people want their relationships to be referred to using the same words as straight people’s relationships.

  • Latebrosus

    Still can’t believe that Hasselbeck has career only because she was on _Survivor_. Just mind-boggling that she has a platform because of that.

  • SoylentDIva

    Why is Elizabeth Hasselbeck on TV anyway? As a RW Christian shouldn’t she be at home having a litter and being subordinate to her husband?

  • terrwill

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is Carrie Prejizz with a better

  • ME

    I love her body language: turned away from Elizabeth and Sherri (aka Dumb and Dumber) and focusing mostly on Joy. On another note, Whoopi was oddly silent.

  • 1EqualityUSA


  • kim cassidy

    Elisabeth is a pompous, ignorant blow-hard, and absolutely ruins “The View”, which I cannot bear to watch anymore. A shame, since I love Whoopi, Joy, and Barbara. I think Elisabeth is SO stupid that she actually thinks the show is all about her telling the world her own view, and it’s a contest to see who can say the most idiotic things in the loudest, fastest ways. She is hopeless. In her senior years it would be a blessing if she becomes seriously affected by dementia…I’m not saying this out of mean-ness–it’s just that she will never be able to forgive herself for being such an insensitive ass for so many years! In the meantime, everyone look out for her, right along with Sarah Palin…they have just enough pull with gung-ho right-wing vigilante groups AND just enough ignorance to be manipulated by gung-ho right-wing power groups that surely they are gonna get us all killed!

  • Klarth

    @Kim but she’d have to accept that she was wrong all those years first. I don’t see it happening.

  • AdonisOfFire

    Sheri is a buck-toothed ignorant black bitch, she has said if she had a gay son she would kick him out of the house. Got no sympathy for that ugly fat black bitch with the fucked up teeth.

    And Elisabeth? Ugh, she is embodiment of stupidity, I hope her husband beats her up, she deserves it.

    Portia…gorgeous as always.

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