Portia De Rossi Gets Beauty, Talent, Superstar Wife—And New Sitcom. Bitch

As Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi doesn’t really have to work. But if you’ve seen her in Ally McBeal, Arrested Development and Better Off Ted, then you know De Rossi is a talented comic actress. So we’re glad she’s lined up a new sitcom in which she plays half of a pair of competitive sisters—even if her mega-celebrity wife helped get her the job.

After an intense bidding war between the major networks, NBC just committed to the as-yet-unnamed series, which is being produced by DeGeneres’ A Very Good Production and written by Samantha Who? co-creator Don Tod.

Great, now they’ll never make that Arrested Development movie!


Images via Darius Dunlap, Pulicciano