Portia De Rossi Gets Beauty, Talent, Superstar Wife—And New Sitcom. Bitch

As Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi doesn’t really have to work. But if you’ve seen her in Ally McBeal, Arrested Development and Better Off Ted, then you know De Rossi is a talented comic actress. So we’re glad she’s lined up a new sitcom in which she plays half of a pair of competitive sisters—even if her mega-celebrity wife helped get her the job.

After an intense bidding war between the major networks, NBC just committed to the as-yet-unnamed series, which is being produced by DeGeneres’ A Very Good Production and written by Samantha Who? co-creator Don Tod.

Great, now they’ll never make that Arrested Development movie!


Images via Darius Dunlap, Pulicciano

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  • jason

    I am sick and tired of Portia de Rossi. Wasn’t her name Amanda Turner or some such when she was a girl in the Australian town of Geelong? I mean, the mere fact that she changed it to Portia de Rossi speaks volumes about her mindset. She comes across as narcissistic and stupid.

    And I really don’t like Ellen, either. Ellen traded on the insane “lesbians are hot” notion back in the 1990’s. She exploited it in order to futher her career. You can be sure that, had it been a man, he would have been told to stay in the closet.

    All in all, I don’t want these sorts of women held up to an ideal. They truly are not helpful to the gay community.

  • the crustybastard

    Seriously, if I ever get a boat, I’m naming it The Seaward.

    LUCILLE: [Upset the nearby gay protest will ruin her party] Oh, look at what the gays have done NOW!

    MICHAEL: You could probably just brush it out and re-set it.

  • christopher di spirito

    Portia de Rossi is actually talented. She can act.

    Unlike her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, who dresses like Woody Allen and rides around on stage on a tricycle sticking straws up her nose like a 12 year old bored during civics class.

  • fredo777

    @jason: “Ellen traded on the insane “lesbians are hot” notion back in the 1990?s.”

    Because if there’s anything that everyone knows about Ellen it’s that she’s carefully crafted an image for herself that will arouse straight men…

    Keep your misogyny to yourself.

  • Lefty

    I like them both and wish them well.
    I am also deeply jealous about their happiness together and their squillions in wealth.
    Conflicted. :(

  • Tez Anderson

    What’s all this hostility about Ellen and Portia? They are out lesbians in the public eye. We should celebrate their success. As Ellen says, “Be kind to one another.”

  • Allen D.

    @Tez Anderson: No shit. I like them both. I’ve never known a person to dislike Ellen. She’s the definition of likeable. But, to each their own. And Portia was super awesome in “Better Off Ted” too.

  • perdeep

    I grew up on Arrested Development and Ally McBeal reruns, and think Portia is an entertaining and occasionally downright hilarious actress. Sometimes it’s nice to see people who have their shit together and lead a really good life with all the things you wish you could have–it gives you hope/something to strive for. And because they’re both kind, generous people who support many charities, you can feel good about supporting them. They give the lesbian community (and by extension the LGBT community) a LOT of good press.

  • fredo777

    @Allen D.: “And Portia was super awesome in “Better Off Ted” too.”

    Yes. Super-underrated series that I wish was still on the air.

  • chrissie riot

    Haha jason.

    I love Ellen and Portia and I’m looking forward to this, even though I tend to shy away from sitcoms.

  • jason

    Ellen De Generes has also supported the black rapper, Usher, a man who has made some horribly homophobic comments in the past. Ellen is basically a cunt version of Uncle Tom.

  • jason

    Ellen has had Usher on her show and yet Usher has uttered some dreadfully homophobic comments as recently as a few years ago. Where is Ellen’s outrage?

  • Nice Sean

    @Lefty: This.

  • Belen


    Right on Jason! You said it! I too am sick and tired of these bimbos being held up as some perfect charmed ideal. Ellen is totally annoying and her show is fuxking stupid and caters to dumb housewives. She does zilch for gay issues, she is a cover girl and a vegan which is hypocritical as cover girl uses torturous tests on animals. dumb dumb dumb azzhole! and Portia is a shitty actress and the name Portia de-Rossi sounds soo fuxking fake. I hate the way she always tucks in just one side of her pants. she is a dumb narcissistic lousy actress. . So what they are filthy rich, this just puts them in the category of “you don’t have money problems but the universe will make you pay dearly in other ways” and they do. There is always a payoff for being that rich, tragedies, scandals, can’t wait, Portia or “Mandy” will definitely want dick again, she is sick of Ellen’s rubber strap on’s..and Ellen needs to be knocked of her high and mighty act. she is too full of herself and her new butch look is stupid, she thinks she has some babe with long blonde hair so she has to try and be the “guy” in the sack. ….. They think they are perfect but their crap stinks too just twice as bad.

  • aaron a fag with a purpose

    @perdeep: BullShxt!! Ellen is a hypocrite! she is not an animal advocate! COVER GIRL STILL CONDUCTS HORRIBLE TESTS ON ANIMALS! AND ELLEN NEVER DOES ANYTHING FOR GAY RIGHTS, SHE IS A SELFISH CXNT! Portia is a shitty actress, not funny and all she is known for is binging and puking. down with them both, hope they crash and burn into the depths of mediocrity. because they are just mediocre.

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