Portia DeGeneres Slams Aussie PM Julia Gillard Over Gay Marriage. But Who’s The Real Discriminator Here?

Not content to merely be a spokesperson for girls fighting eating disorders, Portia DeGeneres is now going after anti-gay politicians. Well, foreign ones at least.

“I always thought Australia would pass this equal rights law long before America would,” says Portia, who is legally married to wife Ellen. “I’m a little bit disappointed with the new Prime Minister. I’m hoping that Australia will be a leader on this.” The remarks came during an Australian radio interview to promote her book Unbearable Lightness.

“We’re kind of in a bit of a stalemate here too,” Portia, who was born in Australia (and gave up her name Amanda Lee Rogers at age 15), added. “Marriage in California was only legal for I believe about six or seven months, so while Ellen and I are still legally married, gay couples can’t marry here at this moment.”

But Portia appears to be practicing her own form of discrimination: While she’s eager to get press for her book, she’s reportedly unwilling to let any male reporters interview her. A morning television anchor and two male radio hosts have been rebuffed.

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  • bob

    not wanting to do any interviews with a male reporter is not exactly comparable to the government denying civil rights to a group of people. she’s talking about things that some women are just more comfortable talking about with women like body image issues. so what.

  • Gary

    Dont most lesbian women hate men???? saying that Ellens literally a man so maybe secretly Portia hates her too ???

  • rrr

    She already did an interview about the book with Ryan Seacrest, so she is talking with some men about it.

    From what I understand her people have focused more on booking her with female interviewers because they think it’s a better fit since the issues in the book aren’t really up the alley of the couple of straight guy interviewers she’s turned down.

  • asa1973

    @Gary: Ugh.

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