Portland Gays Hurt and Angered By Sam Adams Intern Relationship

large_samadamsnc“It’s not the sex, so much as the lying” is the general consensus from gays and lesbians in Portland, who reacted with shock and anger that, on a day that should have inspired hope, they found themselves defending the lies and cover-ups of their newly-elected mayor, Sam Adams. Adams is the first openly gay person to run a city the size of Portland and while he’s apologized for his relationship with then-18-year-old legislative intern Beau Breedlove, many in Portland worry that the story will cause setbacks for gays and lesbians seeking social justice. Adams says he will not resign and will hold a press conference this afternoon to speak more about the issue after speaking at length to the Oregonian editorial board yesterday Video after the jump.

Mayor Adams meets with Oregonian editorial board part 1

Mayor Adams meets with Oregonian editorial board part 2

OPB News has the gay community’s reaction:

“Kimberlee Van Patten “Here we are standing on the mountaintop, with our black president and our gay mayor, we were going to get this done, you know? And now I just feel like we’ve totally been let down. We spend our whole lives trying to convince everyone that we’re OK, that we’re not broken or wrong. And — I don’t care who he slept with — but he lied! That’s the part I can’t get past. He got elected under false pretenses, ’cause we didn’t know the truth, and now we have to deal with it.”

M.J. Petroni “Right or wrong, looking at Sam’s actions, I think many of us might be particularly paying attention to how harshly he’s treated.”

Petroni says he’s not looking for Sam to catch a break, but rather that justice be applied evenly.

In another corner, Ryan Schultz was thinking about whether Adams could survive politically.

Ryan Schultz “I hope he can. I highly doubt he will, though.”

Schutz remembered that when Sam Adams was initially asked about Breedlove, and claims that Breedlove was underage, he’d said his accuser was making a nasty smear — the worst kind a gay man could face. Schultz doesn’t think much of that defense now.

Ryan Schultz “He was trying to break down that stereotype, but in fact he’s building it up by lying about it.”