Portland Mayor Sam Adams Will Keep His Job. For Now-ish!


It’s not so easy trying to get Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams ousted from his job. An effort to recall him — started after it was revealed Adams and intern Beau Breedlove enjoyed more than each other’s conversation — stopped short when recall supporters (namely Jasun Wurster) failed to gather the necessary 32,000 signatures. But they say they’re renewing their efforts to recall Adams (with, supposedly, $150k from local businesses), promising that just like the mayor’s bicycle wheels, this thing is going to go ’round and ’round and ’round and …

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  • gaycondo

    I agree with Sabad, that photo is awful. It doesn’t take much internet sleuthing to find pics of him posing with some drag queens or at least a somewhat flattering photo. Instead he’s caught making a wierd face?? terrible.

    No one in Portland is talking about this any more. Adams is doing his job and being a leader on a lot of very important local issues, that’s what people care about. I don’t think anyone sane is interested in having a very expensive special election to rehash all this, and anyone with a clue knows that even if it makes it onto the ballot the votes are not there. If “business leaders” are really still interested in this I am sure it’s because they want 16 lanes and no tolls on the new bridge, a city-funded baseball station, or some other such boondoggle.

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